Celia Lora shows off her attributes in a sexy pink bodysuit

The Mexican model shows off her sexy and daring lilac swimsuit, from a pool in Cuernavaca, Morelos, consider the City of Eternal Spring

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Celia Lora is one of the celebrities who has the most activity on her social networks and her more than nine followers daily enjoy the images that the Mexican model shares .

And one of the images that are causing a sensation in recent days is where the model appears in a metallic lilac swimsuit, showing part of her legs.

The photograph was shared by Celia Lora on her Instagram account.

The model posed on her back and that pose has ignited social networks.

Although the image was shared recently, it has more than 149,000 likes.

Show off your swimsuit at the edge of a pool
In the image you can see the Mexican model exploded in a sexy metallic lilac swimsuit.

The famous Mexican is shown from behind, while she is on the ladder of a pool in Cuernavaca, Morelos, known as the city of eternal Spring , for its warm climate, most of the year.

Sunbathing in the city of Eternal Spring
And it is that the Mexican model took advantage of some days this summer to sunbathe her turned body in the city of Cuernavaca .

That is why she wanted to share her images with her more than 9.9 million on her Instagram account, which did not take long to fill her with praise.

Without a doubt, her fans thank the Mexican model for the image that has more than 149,000 likes, and they did not stop reacting immediately and writing a series of compliments and compliments to the daughter of the Mexican rocker, Alex Lora.

“Beautifull. I adore you. Precious ”, are some of the comments that his followers wrote

Celia Lora’s fans praise her pose and take it from a pool, where part of Cuernavaca is seen, one of the favorite destinations of the inhabitants of Mexico City, and one of the national attractions.

Celia shows her right profile and looks very pensive, while her long hair falls down her back and reaches below her waist.

By the pose in which Celia looks, she shows her sexy tattoos on her arms .

The daughter of the Mexican rocker, Alex Lora, loves to show off her shapely body to her millions of followers.

Some are uploaded of everything, and have come to turn on social networks, either because of their suggestive poses or because sometimes they almost leave nothing to the imagination.

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Written by Leena Wadia

Linguist-translator by education. I have been working in the field of advertising journalism for over 9 years.


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