Vanessa Guzmán defends herself from her ‘haters’, after showing off her physical transformation

The actress has had to go out to defend herself after receiving several accusations from network users for her physical transformation

Vanessa Guzmán

Vanessa Guzmán has been pointed out by some network users who have sent her some negative comments due to the changes her body has undergone because she looks very different and transformed.

For some time, the actress, who is recognized for her participation in beauty pageants in the nineties in Mexico, has been characterized by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and usually shares her training routines on her social networks.

In a couple of videos that he has recently shared on his Instagram account, he has captured the eyes as he boasts a much more toned figure and can be seen showing off a greater muscle mass that caused some negative comments from some followers.

Everything indicates that the one who was a finalist in Miss Universe is training to participate in a competition, so she is super motivated and focused on achieving her goals, but some followers have not found her transformation and have left her some opinions.
“ Please don’t look like a man. Stay feminine “,” I do not like you so marked, I do not understand this obsession “,” Will they accept you in novels? “These have been just some of the strong comments it has received.

But Guzmán has earned the love and acceptance of many of his fans who have come out to defend and have made it clear that it is to admire his great determination and focus in keeping his body so marked and toned.

” I really can hold yours. There are comments that already go beyond the line of education, respect. Stay strong, eager to achieve your goal, you are going to achieve it but more than enough. For me you are motivation, “wrote a fan.

To which the former beauty queen herself replied.

” Thank you very much, beautiful … the world does not end in a comment … only great minds are the ones that without chocks to make it spin, ” said the Mexican under the post.

He also added that his goal is approaching soon, so it is rumored that his competition is close and I take the opportunity to thank everyone who sends him their good vibes, he said “ The goal is approaching, and if it is not met, we will continue working with tenacity. Thanks to all those who give me their good vibes and unconditional support , “he concluded.


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