Addison Rae was chastised for her ‘forced’ TikTok promo for the Nintendo Switch.

Addison Rae, a TikTok star, is being roasted by viewers of her latest post after she appeared in a Nintendo Switch commercial, with people mocking her acting and adding, “she truly wasn’t trying.”

Addison Rae Nintendo

Addison Rae is without a doubt one of TikTok’s most successful creators, with over 84 million followers on the app alone in the last several years.

Despite her forays into other fields such as music and acting, Addison remains true to her beginnings and routinely uploads short videos on TikTok.

Despite her large fan base, Addison is frequently chastised online, and this time it’s for an ad video she filmed for the Nintendo Switch.

The video, which was released on October 8, showed the actress personalising her own Switch Mii while sitting on the couch and talking viewers through the various adjustments she was making to her avatar, ‘Ads.’

People, on the other hand, flocked to the comment area to express their thoughts on the video, with many describing the arrangement as “awkward.”

One commenter joked, “She never touched the Wii after that.” Another added next to multiple skull emojis, “When you know she doesn’t use a Switch.” Others were perplexed by her wearing boots on the couch, which gave her a ‘forced’ tone.

“I can’t bear the laughter at the end,” one user remarked, while another added, “The laugh at the end was so forced it pained my soul.”

Despite the fact that some fans appeared to like the film, many others thought the advertisement was extremely humorous.


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