Addison Rae: The infidelity scandal in the family of the most famous tiktoker in the world

addison rae
addison rae

Addison Rae became a TikTok star thanks to her dancing videos and, as was the case with the Kardashian-Jenners, the rest of her family accompanied her on her meteoric rise to fame. Both her father, Monty Lopez, and her mother, Sheri Easterling, have created their own accounts and post videos in which they appear with the two younger brothers of Addison, who at 21 is the fourth person with the most followers on the app.

However, that image of an idyllic family has just been broken into a thousand pieces after it came to light that his father allegedly had a five-month affair with a young woman only 4 years older than his famous daughter named Renée Ash. The latter has now broken her silence to explain that Monty lied to her by promising that she would separate from her so they could get married and have their own children together.

Renée maintains that they met through a mutual friend last March and that she came to think that she had become pregnant during the time they were together, although it ultimately turned out to be a false alarm. As proof that her romance was very real, she has shared with the Page Six portal the conversations they had through text messages, in which Monty assured her that their marriage was broken and that the divorce process had begun.

According to her version of events, he introduced her to both her mother and her brother to convince her that he planned to start a new life with her, but finally she decided to break off their relationship when this week several young women claimed that Addison’s father had tried to seduce them in person or through private messages.

The straw that broke the camel’s back was apparently a leaked video on TikTok in which a man who bears a strong resemblance to Monty can be seen rubbing a woman’s butt; although the quality of the recording leaves something to be desired, Renée is convinced that it is him.

Mother Addison has ended up reacting this Thursday to the controversy by means of a message in which she regrets that such a personal matter has ended up being public knowledge: “It is overwhelming for all those involved,” she has acknowledged, although she has also assured with a lot of confidence that you will eventually get over it. Her top priority right now is taking care of both Addison and her two younger brothers, ages 14 and 8.

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