What you need to know before you have plants at home

Brings You a special tips about the botanical universe

What you need to know before you have plants at home
What you need to know before you have plants at home

To have plants at home you need to develop a relationship with them. But what does it mean? Know the 5 sure tips separated by those who know the subject:

1 – Start by asking yourself how much time you will dedicate to this new living being

With the urban jungle trend , it is sometimes easy to forget that, in addition to a beautiful addition to the décor, it is about inserting life into your environment and, for that, you need to take care. It goes beyond watering and fertilizing, it is necessary to look at the plant daily. Enjoy all its phases and discover that by taking care of it, you will also be taking care of yourself.

2 – Make choices based on the light of your environment

It is no use identifying yourself only with the aesthetics of that plant, for it to remain showy it is necessary to provide the ideal natural light. Research before you buy or look for a store where the team is able to help you in this mission.

3 – Find the plant that is compatible with your schedule

Those who travel a lot may have difficulty maintaining tropical plants. The opposite is also true for those who work in the home office and feel like watering daily: avoid desert plants!

4 – Incorporate into your routine

Realize how pleasant it can be to start the day by having breakfast and watering the plants. Allow them to be part of your daily life. It will all depend on how you view this relationship.

5 – Be curious

The more you know about your plant, the better. Observation is the keyword when it comes to it. There is no fixed rule. If your plant came with an indication to water a specific number of times a week, do not blindly trust. Put your finger on the ground, see if it is dry or wet. Interact with your plant!

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