What is Glulam? Features and Benefits

What is Glulam Features and Benefits
What is Glulam Features and Benefits

Laminated Wood Technology, which has been widely used in Europe and Asia for more than 100 years, is rapidly spreading in our country recently. BeautexWood offers suitable solutions for your projects with laminated wood imported from Europe.

The magical warmth and amazing bearing power of wood combine in Laminated Wooden beams, adding a different beauty to your structures. Although it is an ecological and economical material; With its durability, naturalness, aesthetic and stylish appearance, it is indispensable for those who want to design original spaces.

The laminated wooden beam, which is produced by laminating the oven-dried spruce timber into a wooden structure by laminating it with Melamine Urea Formaldehyde (MUF) glue, is formed by gluing and pressing at least three timber.

With laminated wooden beam system, different forms of material can be produced, such as columns, beams, belts, scissors, straight and curved. With these beams, large openings can be passed and load carrying capacities are excellent.

Overall “glulam” called laminated wood glued , wood fibers prepared in a structural engineered wood formed in parallel each other by bonding with the aid of glue. In Europe, North America and Japan, glued laminated wood is used in a wide variety of applications, from headers or support beams in residential frames to large building elements such as beams, columns and trusses in non-residential buildings. ( Glu ed Lam inated Timber)

Since Glulam can be produced in almost any desired shape and size, from long straight beams to complex curved arch configurations, it provides the builder / architect with the desired special requirements to express his artistic concepts in a building. Glulam can be produced with many existing tree species. Generally , tree species such as pine, spruce and fir are used for Glulam production.

“Glulam” is a material that is used in the production of 25.4 mm and 50.8 mm thick timber (according to TS 3842, the thickness of each layer cannot exceed 47 mm); glued laminated wood structural element, glued timber, glued laminated wooden structural element.

Benefits-Advantages of Glulam

Environmentally friendly: Wood is a naturally renewable resource. The wood products industry is committed to sustainable forestry practices. It uses very little energy in processing wood engineering materials such as timber and glulam, reducing the use of fossil fuels and pollution of my atmosphere.

Aesthetics: Due to the natural structure of the wood, it has a unique beauty. The produced glulam offers structures with warmth and beauty that it is unrivaled compared to other building materials.

Strong and rigid: Glulam ‘s superior strength and rigidity allow larger span structures with fewer columns. Glulam beams are much stronger than steel.

Dimensionally stable: Glulam is made of small-sized timber that is dried before lamination. This means less control, bending groove and torsion than traditional sawn timber.

Durable: When the amount of moisture is designed according to the place of use, glulam can be used for a long time. In cases where it is not possible to keep the wood dry, wood with a pressure protection feature or heartwoods of a naturally resistant type can be used to maximize the service life of the structure. Adhesives used in Glulam are waterproof to ensure long life. Wood is also very resistant to most chemicals.

Fire resistant : Glulam has excellent fire performance. Building codes recognize the fire rating up to one or two hours for properly designed, exposed glulam members. Glulam can also be used to meet Heavy Wood Building requirements in building rules.

Versatile Use: Glulam can be produced in a variety of shapes, from flat beams to elegant curved arches. The dimensions of the produced material are limited only by the shipping conditions. Components for large assemblies can be produced in a facility, transported over long distances and combined on site.

Low Cost: Glulam systems allow the building to be designed and built without high-cost suspended ceilings to cover structural components. Installation is quick and easy, which reduces costs on construction sites. Smaller parts can be used for additional cost savings in the production of high strength and resistant material.

Reliable: Glulam has been successfully used in the U.S. for more than 75 years. In Europe, Glulam has been used successfully for more than 100 years. The quality program of the American Wood Building Institute provides consistent and reliable product performance by monitoring all stages of production to comply with recognized industry standards.

Glulam production process enables the production of a wide variety of shapes and sizes of materials. Standard sizes have also been developed to ensure optimum use of timber, which is a multiple of timber sizes used for the production of glulam . Standard sizes are able to offer designers fast delivery, suitable for economy and a wide variety of typical applications. In many European countries, glulam production is fast as it is standard sizes and lengths, resulting in high strength wood products at competitive prices compared to other materials. Non-standard sizes can also be ordered and produced by the manufacturer.

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