How to Care for Your Bed?

How to Care for Your Bed
How to Care for Your Bed

Don’t Make These Nine Mistakes

At the end of an average year, you will spend about 3,000 hours on your bed. Therefore, it usually takes care to make an expensive purchase well. A well-chosen, well-maintained mattress is very important for your health – it properly aligns your spine, ensures your body is well supported and relieves sleep and does not interfere with aches or pains. Still, many people ruin their beds prematurely by making these nine mistakes.

Never Rotate the Beds

The days when you need to periodically turn a mattress have long gone like mattresses in the past decade or no longer have double-sided springs. However, this does not mean that the suppliers are free and clear after installing a new bed in your bedroom. Make it a habit to turn your mattress to the top at least every month and you will delay the inevitable view of the valleys and sags due to body weight.

Mattress Pad Not Used

If you do not cover your bed with a protective pillow, you leave it vulnerable to deadly enemies: moisture, skin scales, dust and body oils. Still, this is one of the most common ways people can ruin their beds. If you have been avoiding a mattress pad since you remember warm, wrinkled, plastic covers for years, you will be pleased to see that today’s tricks are much more comfortable and breathable and that many people are thickly padded for extra comfort and are dust. -mite resistant.

Wash your mattress pad at least two or three times a year to keep it new.

Jumping in bed

If you feel guilty that your bed is used as a trampoline, or if you are guilty of standing in your bed to reach a shelf or hang a picture, the bedspreads are too much. And if you have a platform bed, standing or jumping on the mattress is an even bigger no-no; wooden supports can be broken and sent to the mattress and floor.

Do not disturb with a bed skirt

Of course, powder wrinkles are mostly decorative and a great way to add a style splash to your space – just choose one that matches the accent color in the bed or room. But beyond that, hanging fabric helps dust, pet hair, and general lime migrate from under your bed, where it tends to accumulate not only as dust but also as a strong source of allergens. If you prefer a mixed bed skirt or a more special design, if you have a mattress sitting on a foundation, a dust throw will help protect the bottom of your bed. Wash the bed skirt at least once a year to remove accumulated dust and hair.

Allowing Pets to Sleep Under Bed

It probably looks like it has been comfortably called Fido or Mittens, but allowing pets under your bed means a lot of pet fur at the bottom of your bed, and the chance of a sharp sniffing increases for you. Not only that, your pet can break off the thin fabric that protects the foundation base. Instead, give your pet a comfortable bed on his own. You both will sleep better.

Neglecting to Clean Your Beds

Cushions need periodic cleaning, as in the rest of your room. At least twice a year, but preferably once every season, peel off the bed of all coatings and then vacuum the top and sides of the floor thoroughly with the vacuum upholstery tool.

Pay special attention to the seams of the mattress that dust mites want to hide. If desired, sprinkle some baking powder before vacuuming to remove odors.

Your Bed Is Not Supported

If you have a platform bed, periodically check coverslips for cracks, sagging or weakness. If you have a foundation (you can still mention it as box springs, but these days, it’s just wooden support – real springs are a thing of the past) do the same: damage the crack or frame. A bed without proper support will sag and bend under your body weight, which means you are not properly supported.

Keeping in the Dark

Help keep your bed odorless and dust mites under control by exposing your bed to clean and open air.

When it’s time for laundry, remove all the beds and let your bed air for a few hours.

Leaving Dry Spills

happens; potty training your child has a night accident; You enjoy a romantic glass of wine on the bed, but it is poured, Or one of the family has a bad case of stomach flu and cannot get out of bed over time. Regardless of the source, your fluid and bed will not mix. Anytime moisture is poured into your bed, immediately remove the papers and use a towel to clean the liquid as much as possible. If necessary, use a commercial cleaner or baking powder to remove residual odor or stains. Then either let the bed dry out before reheating the bed, or use your low blow dryer to speed things up.

Even with the best care, the cushions are usually ready to be replaced within five to ten years. You know that when the bed has valleys or sagging, it is time for a new sleep, that you do not sleep well, or that it is time to wake up with pain, stiffness, or tingling.

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