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What is Micropigmentation and How Can it Benefit Me

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Aesthetic treatments come to solve those aesthetic needs with which we are not 100% satisfied; These can be facial and body. Often people are interested in showing a face that always looks radiant and in harmony, regardless of the context in which they are, that is why they choose techniques that make it easier for them to wear permanent makeup; which is achieved with the micro pigmentation technique.

What is micro pigmentation?

Micro pigmentation is a specialty framed in the field of aesthetics and tattoo whose purpose is to beautify, correct or improve certain features of the body anatomy, both male and female. It is also used to correct damages caused by very aggressive medical treatments, such as chemotherapy, or genetic aesthetic defects. That is, micro pigmentation can help camouflage baldness, pubic alopecia, scars and burns, while it can help rebuild breast aureoles or make freckles and moles.

What is micro pigmentation? retouching, sessions, anesthesia …

The first step of a micro pigmentation work consists of the so-called allergy test , where it is evaluated whether the patient will be able to undergo a micro pigmentation treatment.

It begins with a study of visagism through which the specialist makes a previous analysis of the factions and anatomy of the person who wants to be treated to define the most appropriate and corrective way to beautify the patient’s face. Once the form has been agreed, the color test is passed.

In order to improve the patient’s experience, a topical anesthetic can be applied prior to the treatment.

The treatment itself lasts one hour and includes a review and retouching if necessary at 4 weeks.

In what body and facial areas is it applicable?

Micropigmentation can be performed in the following areas: eyebrows, lips, and eyelids both upper and lower.

What the difference of microblading?

The pigment is deposited in the most superficial layer of the skin so its duration is less than that of micro pigmentation.

The results at the visible level are very similar although micro pigmentation offers a greater range of techniques and greater precision at the artistic level and control of the technique.

What are the types of micro pigmentation that exist and what is the use of each of them?

Microblading The pigment is deposited in the basal layer and by this procedure only the eyebrows should be made.

Micro pigmentation The pigment is deposited in a deeper layer, lasts longer, offers greater precision and control and can be performed in more areas of the body in both eyebrows and eyelids, lips, areolas, scars, etc.

Micro pigmentation is a technique that requires precision. How is the specialist’s preparation to achieve optimal results?

The most valued aspect of the specialist is the experience and number of cases performed, which allows greater precision and knowledge of the technique when it comes to designing and depositing the pigment correctly, which will help it to be perfectly defined, without migration and with optimal durability.

The duration of micro pigmentation may vary, depending on the ability of the artist to perform a correct implantation, the quality of the pigment and the person’s own immune system.

Apart from this, safety is fundamental and even more important since it is still a treatment that although minimally invasive requires safety standards and compliance with sanitary hygienic standards through which they ensure minimizing the risks that this type of techniques entail: as are infections, infections and skin conditions.

If the patient regrets or is not satisfied with the results, what solutions do they offer?

Being a semi-permanent tattoo technique after the relevant period the pigment will have disappeared (approximately 1 year with the microblading and 3 years with the micro pigmentation). There are also laser procedures that remove the pigment avoiding having to wait for it to remit on its own.

What recommendations should the patient follow in order to keep the results of the micro pigmentation in a better state?

It is essential that during the days following the treatment the patient uses a topical healing cream, do not exercise or go to saunas or spas for 48 hours and avoid the sun completely for a month.

What factors do not allow micro pigmentation?

Factors to consider are taking certain medications and considering some skin diseases, allergies, as well as pregnant women.  

After application, what side effects might appear?

Redness, small inflammation, burning sensation.

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