Simple improvements in your home: 5 basic tips

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kitchen 2400367 1920

An improvement in your home does not have to translate into large and expensive reforms. Sometimes, the details make the difference. Are you thinking of improving your home? Here are five ideas to start.

1. Decide what you want to face

Improving your home can seem like a huge challenge, but you do not have to do it all at once. Rome was not built in a day. Face the rooms one at a time. And be sure to plan everything in advance to get the best result. Do not know where to start? Here are some interesting projects to find inspiration.

2. Look for information

Do not know what style you are looking for, or what direction to take? Investigate and start your project with the creation of a collage of ideas . Then, with the elements that really call your attention, decide which pieces, colors, textures and materials could serve as the basis for your design plan. In theory, it will result in a palette of compatible colors, textures and materials that will help you make decisions later.

3. Install a new flooring

A new floor can transform a room completely. It is an easy and quick way to revalue your home, although finding the right floor is not always easy. Changing the floor does not mean you have to spend your valuable weekends working on your knees and with lots of tools at your side. Our laminate, vinyl and wood floors are easily installed . If your old floor is uniform and not degradable, you do not even have to remove it before, just put the new one on top, and that’s it!

4. Add a coat of paint

A little paint can give a lot. A white or colored layer on the wall can do wonders in any room. Determine the look and effect you want to convey, and make your home reflect your personality. Discover some irresistible combinations on our page, with tips for your interiors .

5. Choose the right lighting

Light is essential to create a unique atmosphere in your home. A well-lit room is pleasant, warm and inviting, and invites people to stay in it. Be sure to incorporate several points of light that consist of different layers that intermix. Also place a light dimmer. They are very flexible, adapt to the time of day and their mood, and also save energy.

And why do not you add some candles? Candles work in any space, from the living room to the bathroom, and its soft glow creates a calm and relaxing atmosphere

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