Vatican: Health of former Pope Benedict is ‘worsening’

Sarah Joseph
Sarah Joseph
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On Wednesday, Pope Francis stated his predecessor, former Pope Benedict, is “extremely unwell.”

“A special prayer for Pope Emeritus Benedict, who is quietly keeping the Church afloat. Do not forget him, “Francis, Pope stated.

His illness is severe, and he prays that the Lord will help him continue to bear witness to his love for the Church until the end.

Former Pope Benedict'S Health Is &Quot;Worsening,&Quot; Vatican Says

When Pope Benedict XVI resigned in 2013, he was the first to do so in about 600 years.

How has the previous pope’s health been described by the Vatican?

According to a Vatican official, Pope Francis visited the former pope after learning of his worsening condition in recent hours.

According to the Vatican, Benedict’s condition is “in control” and he is receiving round-the-clock care.

Vatican Says Health Of Retired Pope Benedict Xvi 'Worsening' - Casper, Wy Oil City News

Archbishop of Munich and Freising Rheinhard Marx has announced that he will be praying beside Pope Francis.

Marx declared, “When Holy Father Francis encourages us to unite in prayer, we shall do that today, particularly with young Christians.

Who was Benedict XVI, the former pope?

Joseph Ratzinger, a native of Bavaria in southeastern Germany, assumed the role of Pope in 2005.

Vatican Says Health Of Retired Pope Benedict Xvi 'Worsening' | Law-Order

Now 95 years old, Benedict has been a resident of the Vatican his entire life.

In 2013, Benedict resigned due to his deteriorating health.

Pope Francis was a conservative scholar who acquired the moniker “God’s Rottweiler” for cracking down on priests in Latin America who espoused Marxist-influenced Liberation Theology.

Report On Sexual Abuse In German Diocese Faults Retired Pope

In the Catholic Church’s sex abuse crises, the ex-pope has been a central figure. He stated it was inadvertent, although he did give misleading testimony earlier this year during a probe in the Munich archdiocese.

Benedict expressed “deep regret” for the church problems but denied any personal culpability.

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