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Types of tummy tuck: which is the most successful in each case?

Getting a beautiful and slender figure is the dream of many people. We know how important it is to have a good physical appearance, since it is the first impression that others have of oneself. And in addition to looking attractive, it is also important to convey a healthy appearance.

What other types of tummy tucks exist
What other types of tummy tucks exist

For these reasons we do our best to take care of ourselves and not take extra pounds by eating a healthy diet, following healthy lifestyle habits and trying to do all the physical exercise that our time allows. But on many occasions, there are circumstances that play against us. Stress, low self-esteem, lack of time, pregnancies in the case of women, not knowing how to eat properly, age, among other circumstances, make us neglect our diet and our habits of life; In addition, they also manage to take time away from physical exercise In this way, the body begins to accumulate fat, especially in the abdominal area,

All these conditions are ideal for cellulite to appear. In addition, the skin also suffers the consequences of the increase of kilos in the area of ​​the abdomen, since it stretches and is flaccid, causing stretch marks to appear . But beyond the physical consequences, the accumulation of fat ends up bringing serious health problems. If you are looking for a solution to eliminate accumulated fat in the area of ​​your abdomen and improve its appearance, tummy tuck is one of the most effective solutions. But do you know what type of tummy tuck do you need? Depending on the amount of fat and in which area it is deposited, it will be necessary to perform a traditional or other more specific tummy tuck.

What is tummy tuck?

Tummy tuck surgery is a surgery that involves the removal (removal) of excess fat, and excess skin that is generated as a result of it in the abdominal area (from the navel to the beginning of pubic hair). But in addition, the intervention also serves to strengthen the musculature of the area.

The surgeon makes a scar in the pubic area (so it will be hidden by the underwear) to release the skin to the navel area. In this way, the muscles of the abdomen are discovered, which is reinforced by stitches, as if it were a corset. Then, excess fat and skin is removed. Finally, the skin of the abdomen is joined at the height of the pubis so that it is uniform and without folds, and the navel is repositioned, to end by closing the incision with intradermal sutures.

Being an invasive surgery, general anesthesia is applied, being necessary that the patient is hospitalized between one and three days. You must remain at rest for the first 15 days without making any effort. During this period (which can be extended up to 30 days) it is necessary to wear an abdominal girdle so that the skin is well fixed to the musculature and there are no shears (sliding of the tissues in opposite planes). From the third day onwards, the patient may shower regularly.


The tummy tuck offers great advantages, since, after the intervention, the patient will recover his figure. This is because the waist narrows and takes proper form, and the skin tenses. But in addition, the tummy tuck also reduces back pain caused by excess fat and irritation from skin rubbing.

The results are immediate and lasting. In a few weeks, the inflammation caused by the surgical process decreases and, from that moment, the result will be definitive, that is, it will last forever, as long as it is logical for the patient to take care of their diet and follow life habits healthy to not gain weight again.

There are some risks associated with tummy tuck, as in any intervention. The most common complications are infections and thrombosis, although it is noteworthy that the chances of suffering them are slim. Hematomas and seromas may also appear more frequently, although these problems are not serious and usually resolve on their own with the help of medications. As for smoking patients, they are more likely to suffer a bad scarring than non-smoking patients.


What other types of tummy tucks exist?

  • Miniabdominoplastia . It is like a traditional tummy tuck but it removes less skin and fat. In addition, the incision is smaller, since you do not have to eliminate so much excess. For the rest, the surgical procedure is the same as traditional tummy tuck surgery: the incision is made in the pubic area, the skin is released, the musculature is reinforced if necessary and the excess fat and skin are removed. The main difference with the tummy tuck is that in the mini-tummy tuck, only the area inferior to the navel is worked on.
  • Circumferential tummy tuck . This intervention eliminates in a single procedure the excess skin of the belly, thighs and buttocks of the patient. This technique is recommended for those patients who have suffered a considerable weight loss, since the removal of excess skin (as is done in traditional tummy tucks) is performed both in the front (belly) and the back (back). low).
  • Fleur de lis tummy tuck (T-shaped) . It is a traditional tummy tuck procedure in which it is necessary to make a T-shaped incision, that is, a vertical and a horizontal incision in the center of the abdomen. This technique is recommended in patients who have had a very important weight loss, such as those who have undergone bariatric surgery.
  • Endoscopic assisted tummy tuck. This surgical method is performed when it is only necessary to strengthen the abdominal muscles, without having to remove excess skin and fat. The surgeon sutures the muscles that have lost tone in the central area of ​​the abdomen; The technique is performed through small incisions that usually leave imperceptible scars.
  • Dermolipectomy It is a procedure similar to mini-tummy tuck but, in this case, the procedure focuses on removing more skin than fat, without strengthening the muscles in the area.

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