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The combined technique of breast augmentation is the most advanced

breast augmentation is the most advanced
breast augmentation is the most advanced

The  combined technique of Breast Augmentation  is the most advanced and can also be BIO, since instead of the usual silicone prosthesis,  it can be performed with prostheses of physiological serum and the patient’s own fat.

Augmentation mammoplasty is still the most demanded Aesthetic Surgery in Spain and, although most of them are still performed using silicone prostheses, the use of the patient’s own fat is becoming more frequent  , since it is the most common material Biocompatible  and the best way to model the breast to achieve a very natural look. Also, the use of fat is ideal to increase the neckline and give the feeling of breasts closer together

As for the  combined breast augmentation, 50% of the volume contributed by the prosthesis is usually used, in this case we would use serum prostheses, and the other 50% by fat.  The behavior of the fat when we inject it is similar to that of a mountain of sand, in the sense that it reaches a point where the projection stops increasing with respect to the volume, and that is why we need the use of a small prosthesis that we Give the projection we are looking for.

This technique is also very suitable for  prosthetic replacements , since it avoids putting a larger one than the previous one in order to compensate for scar tissue. It also gets fat in cases where the skin is so thin that you can see the folds of the prostheses, a problem known as “rippling” and that occurs more frequently on the lateral edge of the breast.

The ideal candidate for breast augmentation “BIO” combined

The one who does not want to introduce a synthetic material into her body . Although today silicone prostheses are very safe and pass strict safety controls, there are women who prefer to use natural materials, present in the body itself to achieve the desired volume. Most women are candidates for this technique,  except for patients who are too thin who do not have fat accumulation in any area of ​​their body or those who are very smokers.

In cases of smoking patients, a period of at least one or two months before and about 2 months after surgery without smoking is recommended because tobacco adversely affects fat burning.

The most common donor areas  are usually: the abdomen, flanks, holsters or thighs, hence its  double aesthetic benefit . Once infiltrated in the breasts the fat will behave in that area as it did in the other, that is, if the patient fattens then she will gain more weight in that area in proportion to the rest of the body.

Each patient is different and  to achieve the best results it is essential to consider three aspects: the physical characteristics of the patient, her preferences and the medical criteria . Treatments should always be personalized and detailed information should be given to the patient about the various aspects of the intervention. When using fat it is more difficult to determine the size, since there is always an important variation, since at first it will increase greatly in size due to inflammation and then part of that volume will be lost throughout the first month. The final amount of fat that remains varies depending on several factors such as fat injection technique and patient characteristics, among others.

The intervention and recovery

This technique  combines the traditional breast augmentation  by introducing a prosthesis, in this case of physiological serum , with  what we know by  lipofilling or lipotransfer . It consists of extracting, through liposuction, the accumulated fat in a certain area or areas of the body to use it as filler material in another where we look for a larger volume . Water-assisted liposuction plays a fundamental role in this technique., since with this system when extracting the fat there is less damage to the tissue, so the quality and durability is greater. Scientific publications describe a survival between 80-90% versus 50-70% with the traditional technique.

The combined technique of breast augmentation is not a painful technique , the patient may suffer some discomfort after the intervention that yield with usual anti-inflammatories for about five days. Then the patient can join their daily activity following medical instructions.

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