This is what is known about the so-called COVID-22 and what the experts say

What is true and what is false about the so-called “COVID-22”? This is what is known about the subject

What Is True And What Is False About The So Called Covid 22

From Switzerland it is already anticipating that it is very likely that a new “supervariant” of COVID-19 will emerge and that “we will no longer be able to rely solely on vaccines.” It was called “COVID-22“.

“Over the years we will receive several vaccines that will have to be continuously adapted,” said Sai Reddy, a researcher at the ETH Zurich Federal Institute of Technology, who also spoke of the already baptized ” COVID-22 “.

He said that if the Delta variant develops mutations, “then we could be talking about a new phase of the pandemic.” After these statements and the term ” COVID-22“, from the United States there are those who are denying.


There is talk of “COVID-22” What is true and what is false?

The viral load of the Delta variant is so high that any unvaccinated person can become a super spreader, according to the scientist, who supports the need for a third dose.

Hearing of the term “COVID-22,” digital health expert Bruce Y. Lee, a professor at the City University of New York (CUNY) School of Public Health and Health Policy, denied Reddy’s words.

Expert denies from the United States

He said that the Delta variant is the result of a mutation of the original virus, so it is still COVID-19, and that there is no COVID-22 at this time.

Look at your smartphone. It is currently 2021 (…) when it comes to variants, the biggest concerns right now are the Delta and Delta Plus variants


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