There is a wedding! Marimar Vega boasts the engagement ring that Jerónimo Rodríguez gave her

Marimar Vega showed off the engagement ring that Jerónimo Rodríguez gave her; “They made me cry … how beautiful. Him, you, the ring and everything,” she said.

Marimar Vega Boasts The Engagement Ring That Jeronimo Rodriguez

Everything seems to indicate that Marimar Vega is going to marry the cinematographer Jerónimo Rodríguez, since the actress already has her engagement ring.

This was announced by the jewelry brand that made the ring, because in social networks a series of photos in which Marimar Vega models the piece, accompanied by an emotional message Jerónimo Rodríguez uploaded.

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“ A symbol of love and freedom. Of many meanings and commitments of its own … but above all the symbol of the union of two paths with a common dream: trust and peace. Love it, ”is Jerónimo’s message to Marimar Vega that the jewelry store shared.

This is how Marimar Vega reacted to the engagement ring

Along with the message from Jerónimo Rodríguez, the jewelry store shared a description of the engagement ring, in which it states that the piece is a celebration of all that Marimar Vega is:


“It is a celebration of Marimar’s personality, passionate, firm, curious, romantic, down to earth and dreamy at the same time, generous, spiritual, among many other qualities that Jero mentioned . Hearing him talk about her is most romantic and genuine. A sincere love, without pretense ”, he pointed out.

Among the comments in the publication stands out that of Marimar Vega herself, who responded emotionally: “ Oh they made me … cry how beautiful. Him, you, the ring and everything !!! ”.



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