Everything you need to know about neck lift

The neck is one of those areas where the passage of time and excess fat are evident. The sagging, wrinkles and fat that tends to accumulate below the area known as jowls, contribute to increase the age of a person.

Everything you need to know about neck lift
Everything you need to know about neck lift

Neck treatments have increased in recent years. Among the most novel we must mention the neck lift or cervicoplasty , an intervention that aims to tighten the tissues and skin of this part of the body, effects of age that are highly unsightly. That is, this operation aims to end the sagging and fat that is deposited in the area of ​​the double chin so that it looks smooth, stretched and wrinkle free.

What is the double chin?

The jowl is formed by the accumulation of subcutaneous fat below the chin area. It is a common effect in people suffering from obesity. As we age, it is common to also appear next to skin sagging.

Today there are many treatments to eliminate it, most of which do not require surgery. Despite this, it is the neck lift that provides the best results , as well as lasting and definitive. With this procedure the fat does not appear again, as long as the person does not suffer a sudden change in weight.

What is the neck lift?

The surgeon will make an incision under the chin to aspirate the excess fat through a thin cannula. This procedure, known as liposuction of the neck, allows you to eliminate the double chin and accumulated fat in this area. After that, it will proceed to shorten the bands and eliminate excess skin. This professional will also tighten the muscle so that the neck is smooth and toned. In some cases, ultrasound can be used to acquire a firmer appearance.

The operation usually lasts between 1 and three hours, but everything will depend on the fat that the surgeon needs to extract, as well as the excess skin that has to be stretched. It is performed under general anesthesia and, in most cases, implies that the patient is admitted to the clinic one night.

Who can undergo this surgical operation?

Cervicoplasty is indicated in cases of neck fat , that is, in cases where the patient has a double chin and accumulation of fat under the chin. It is also usually recommended when there is sagging and excess skin when there has been a significant weight loss.

What are the advantages of lifting cervicoplasty?

The main advantage is obviously an improvement in the appearance of the neck. This will show a rejuvenated, smooth, smooth and wrinkle-free appearance. Also, lifting increases the patient’s self-esteem as it ends the unsightly jowl that is often generated below the chin area.

As if all this were not enough, this intervention manages to eliminate sagging skin in this area, very associated with age, but also to body changes caused by situations such as weight loss, for example.

What risks does the neck lift have?

It is normal that, during the first days, even the first week, bruises appear in the treated area. Also, it is also normal that the neck is swollen during that time.

But, as an operation it is, it has some side effects that go beyond these common discomforts. Among them, it is worth noting the risk of infection, bad scarring or bleeding that exists, as in any operation. In the worst case, there is a risk of nerve damage, although if the professional is qualified and has extensive experience, it is rare to occur.

What care should I have after the operation?

The surgeon will recommend resting for 10-15 days so that the skin of the neck settles, after which you can gradually resume your life. The patient will have to wear a mentonera for as long as determined by the surgeon.


Also, you will have to avoid making sudden movements and exposure to the sun, especially the first months. For this, it is advisable to use a UV protection cream whenever it is exposed to the incidence of these. If you practice any sport, you must wait until three weeks have passed since the operation to perform physical exercise.

Can I combine the neck lift with other treatments?

The cervicoplasty can be performed individually or together with other interventions, such as a face lift, a rhinoplasty or a gill liposuction, in which only the neck fat is aspirated, without stretching the skin.

Are there contraindications?

Of course, as in every operation, cervicoplasty is prohibited in pregnant or breastfeeding women. It is also not recommended in cases of patients with coagulation problems or suffering from cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, etc.

What do I have to keep in mind before undergoing a neck lift?

As in any surgical intervention that is worthwhile, it is advisable to contact an aesthetic surgeon, who will assess our case and advise us on the best procedure to follow. This will be the one who decides if it is only necessary to remove the fat – for which he will practice neck liposuction – if the skin needs to be tightened – which will be carried out by means of the neck lift – or if he must combine this operation with another treatment to improve the aesthetic appearance – in these cases you can recommend a facelift so that the skin is smooth, hydrated and completely rejuvenated.

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