How to perform a correct exercise routine?

How it is common at this time of year, both women and men are preparing to perform an exercise routine, either to lose weight or to tone their bodies

Some advice to do exercises does not turn into a torture and you know which one you should perform according to your needs.

Tips for physical activity in summer time

If you are going to do physical activity outdoors , prefer the first hours of the day , or failing that, in the afternoons . Performing activity during the hottest hours could harm performance and put your health at risk, due to the increase in body temperature added to the dehydration of the body.

The ideal is to be able to acquire light clothes that favor the elimination of sweat and temperature . The use of thermal clothes is not recommended, due to the increase that it generates in body temperature, considerably increasing dehydration.

Take care to keep your body hydrated constantly and throughout the day . Do not wait to feel thirsty to drink fluids, because this is the first symptom of dehydration. It is suggested on average to drink 2lt of water a day, this will depend mainly on your body weight, the physical activity you perform and the ambient temperature at which you perform the activity.

Do not over-exert yourself in the exercises in a sudden way , this could generate injuries that will affect your performance and put your health at risk. The best thing is to gradually increase the intensities, combining them always with activities of elongation and flexibility.

Taking advantage of the time, use the squares and open spaces to develop your daily routines , if you already do, try new routes or sectors.

Most effective activities for your needs

If your thing is to keep the body toned, functional routines such as crossfit is suggested, which is a method of physical conditioning based on functional and varied exercises, performed at relatively high intensity. Another method is the TRX , suspension training that serves to develop functional strength and at the same time allows to improve the flexibility, balance and stability of the central part of the body. The fitness , which is based on muscle building work but in a fair measure, seeking harmony between the different muscle groups and not forgetting cardio vascular work, doing work with weights and aerobic exercises, and finally is Insanity which consists of training with intervals, which means that you must do the most exercises in a certain time, you do not need machines, mats, or weights, everything is work with your own weight.

On the other hand, if you prefer to maintain a cardiovascular system in optimal conditions , using energy reserves and burning the extra calories your body has, all aerobic activities are the best. Among them are spinning, trotting and body combat.

But if what you are interested in is to increase muscle mass and obtain a very marked body , what you should do is spend a lot of time in the gym doing load routines and over load, that is, the famous weights .

If you want to take advantage of the summer, have an athlete’s body including an improvement in your cardiovascular system , it is best to register in a pool and start swimming every day.

In turn, if yours is not the routine, you are fascinated by constant challenges and bored environments, begin to practice rock climbing, rafting, kayaking or trekking.

Regardless of the activity that develops, it is best to get a medical checkup before starting any routine. Once the programs are started, positive results will be obtained by controlling the feeding and being constant in the selected activities.

Exercises to do at home

Anyone who wants to start an exercise routine in a particular way, should understand that from the first day you will have to budget at least 30 minutes per session to perform your exercises. Traditionally they are suggested 3 times a week on alternate days, but currently it is best to do it 5 times a week.

If you do not have the money to attend a gym, from the house you can develop routines that increase caloric expenditure and benefit your health.

For example, to strengthen the lower body (legs and buttocks) perform step on any step of the house (car entrance, entrance to the house, a firm drawer that has available, on the first step of a ladder). For this you must raise and lower alternating the foot of ascent, for 30-45 seconds without stopping, with a break of 30 seconds and repeat this routine 3 times per session.

For the abdomen , there are various forms of crunches. It is suggested to start lying on your back on a mat, with your legs bent and begin to go up and down trunk trying to maintain a comfortable rhythm. Perform 30 repetitions, 3 to 4 sets resting 30-45 seconds between sets. Depending on the physical condition and abdominal strength you have, you can start horizontally, against the force of gravity or in favor of the force of gravity.

If you have an elastic or elastic band , you can also perform activity in the same number of repetitions and sets as the abdominal. Take the elastic, with your hands on both ends, without flexing the elbows and with the arms extended forward, at the height of the shoulders, open and close, emphasizing stretching the elastic in a controlled manner.

If the above combines it with 20 minutes of fast walking, or jogging or cycling , you will see that after a few weeks you will feel better, your mood will improve, you will sleep more pleasantly and mainly, you will be improving your condition, your health and your quality of life.

Suggestions to build an exercise routine in places that have exercise machines

The machines that we find in squares and parks can be a good remedy for inactivity. Depending on what we find, they can allow us to strengthen our body and improve our cardiovascular system.

The first thing is to know what we want to achieve. For this it is suggested to make a routine as follows:

1- Try that your exercise routine is dynamic , that is, that you vary the areas of the body to work

2- The rest periods of the same series of exercises, depending on the objective set, do not exceed 1 minute .

3- The total time of a complete routine (daily work session) should be between 45min for people who start their routine, being able to reach up to 1hr with 30 minutes for a more advanced one

4- If you want to strengthen , work alternately body areas . For example, I mainly work arms on Monday and legs on Tuesday. In this way, it recovers each zone more efficiently.

5- Allow about 25 minutes of the routine to aerobic exercises , such as running, jogging, cycling or the famous elliptical.

6- Finish your routine with elongation exercises , whose time is not less than 10 minutes total for this goal.

Myths of physical activity

1- If I do activity with a lot of clothes, or I use plastic bags under clothes, I lose weight faster.

2- Not eating anything before exercising, benefits the loss of body weight.

3- It is better not to drink so much water, to benefit weight loss.

4- Physical activity leaves the body of the woman very marked and masculine, therefore it is better not to perform activity to stay fine and feminine.

5- The corporal pain finished the exercises, is symptom of a good routine.

6- It is preferable to do exercises in the morning than in the afternoon or evening.

7- During the menstrual period, physical activity can not be performed.

8- Not doing daily activity, is compensated by the accumulation of the number of exercises not performed, that is, what I do not do on Monday I add to what I must do on Wednesday and the effect is the same.

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