Why couples argue during pregnancy

couple arguing
couple arguing

Pregnancy is a beautiful stage for both mother and father, although for the mother as well as beautiful is also tremendously complicated because of the physical and hormonal changes it is suffering. During this period there may be arguments between the couple, discussions that you have to know how to handle since the last thing a pregnant woman needs is to have to be arguing all the time and thus cause emotional discomfort inside her.

The time of pregnancy is a time that can also cause pressure, anxiety and fear for both parents and mothers. The challenge is to find the balance to be able to handle the most stressful situations well. There are obstacles that will get in the way and the couple must be a great team to overcome them instead of having these obstacles with them.

Being a parent is difficult and everything starts in pregnancy, the couple must start making decisions. Pregnancy can unite or disengage the couple depending on how they take the possible discussions that will be found along the way. There may be arguments for trivial things and others for more important things. What you have to do is always find a solution at the end finding a middle point . But what are the main reasons for couple discussions during pregnancy?

Common reasons for discussions during pregnancy and how to solve them
The sensibility

A pregnant woman is more sensitive of the account and not everyone understands that this is normal and usual. A pregnant woman has great hormonal changes that will make her feel more irascible at certain times, moments in which the couple should know to be by their side. The last thing a pregnant woman needs is to have a person who does not understand her emotional changes or who does not know how to support her.

Couples should echo patience so that there is no emotional disaster. Likewise, pregnant women can be aware of their condition and be able to reason better after the storm. Fatigue or bad mood can make a pregnant woman irritable.

Women want to see how their partners are involved
If a couple is not involved during pregnancy, the woman may feel tremendously disappointed and even frustrated. A woman will have to go to the doctor, she will need massages to feel better with the back or leg pain, she will be tired and it will be necessary for the couple to become more involved in any task to relieve the tension of the woman … If a pregnant woman does not You feel that your partner is able to do this for her, how do you pretend to be a good father in the future? It is necessary that couples get involved from the minute one so that a woman feels that the effort is joint.

The parenting style
There are now too many ‘alternative parenting styles’ that have made parents feel confused and do not know which one is best for their children. But the best parenting style is undoubtedly common sense, respect and unconditional love towards children (and towards the couple). Being the best example is the best teaching.

But leaving this aside, the parenting style can be a reason for discussion so it is important that parents go the same way, especially when there are cultural or belief discrepancies … You have to find a middle ground.

The sexual relations
Although it is true that sexual relations are important in any relationship, it is necessary to understand that a pregnant woman can have moments (especially during the first and third trimesters of pregnancy) in which she is not well physically or emotionally to maintain sexual relations But the spark of love is not only based on sexual relationships … Massages, caresses … there are other ways of feeling love without the need to practice full sex.

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