How many times is it normal to have sex in a marriage?

Approximately 80% of couples who are married have sex a couple of times a month of which 33% said they had sex two or three times a week and 47% said they had sex a couple of times a month .

Do married couples have more sex ?

According to a study carried out, the couples who live in the marriage have more sex than a couple or boyfriends or people who live in a free union. So we can leave behind the taboo that being married is synonymous with monotony and low sexual appetite.

Lack of sex can damage a marriage

According to Barry McCarthy, a psychologist and sex therapist in Washington says that when a couple having sex becomes a conflict or try to avoid it, this type of disconnection between them can negatively influence the relationship. If the sexual bond can be repaired, the relationship also tends to improve significantly.

Do not miss the touch

That a couple has many years of marriage does not mean that they have to stop being affectionate with their partners simply because the time has passed.

According to McCarthy, “Many couples do not have any physical contact but only when they are going to have sex. However, touch has great value in itself and can be a bridge to desire ”

Talking about intimacy is more difficult

Couples who are married and have a long-term relationship find it more difficult to talk about intimacy with their partner. While couples who are between 18 months to three years together find it easier to talk about sex because they are in a stage where hormones are out of control.

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