How long should your children be in front of the screen according to WHO

Do you think your young children spend too much time in front of the screen? We tell you what the WHO recommends in each age range.

How long should your children be in front of the screen according to WHO sd
How long should your children be in front of the screen according to WHO sd

Technology is a very important part of our lives. Such is its relevance that many believe that newborns no longer come with bread under their arms; but with a tablet . Precisely, there are many debates on this subject, is it good that the smallest of the house are from such early ages with screens?

During the last few years we have not stopped hearing the experts talk about this problem; However, it seems that it is still too early to know the consequences of accumulating so many screen hours from a young age. Now, it has been the WHO (World Health Organization) who has given his own perspective on the recommended time with screens.

“They should spend less time looking at screens”
The WHO has published a report on sleep, sedentary lifestyle and physical activity of children under 5 years. The note begins in a demolishing way towards technology; Relating that children under five years “must spend less time sitting watching screens” to grow healthy .

How long should your children be in front of the screen according to WHO

Tedros Adhanom, WHO Director General, explains that in order to have the best health it is necessary to establish healthy lifestyles from birth. The text emphasizes the importance of replacing prolonged periods dedicated to sedentary activities, such as being in front of the screen, for more active games .

It also explains the need to establish certain activities through which children interact with their caregiver without screens in between; that is, activities such as reading, telling stories, singing,

What is the recommended time limit?

It has already become clear to us that WHO is not too happy about the time children spend with screens; But what is the exact limit by which we should be guided?

Infants (under one year old): WHO strongly discourages the use of screens. In times of inactivity, it is recommended that the caregiver read or tell stories. These newborns should be physically active several times a day; especially with interactive games on the floor.
Children from 1 to 2 years : for those under one year it is not recommended that they spend time in sedentary activities in front of a screen; including watching television, videos or playing. In the case of 2 year olds , it is advisable not to exceed the hour in front of the screen; Although, they believe that the less the better.
Children from 3 to 4 years old : the same happens with children of this age range. The WHO thinks that the time with a screen should not exceed the time . As in the previous case, they think that the less time with them the better.

How long should your children be in front of the screen according to WHO

We are not surprised by WHO’s position on this issue. Technology offers many benefits; However, we believe that its use should be measured and be very careful when leaving children with devices for too long.

It is a stage in which children should play, yes; but, they must be games that include physical activity. Otherwise, we will be sedentary to our children practically from birth.

What do you think?

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