4 Signs You’re Eating Too Fast & How It Can Affect Your Health

Eating too quickly causes you not to enjoy the full flavor of the dish, but also causes many harms to your health.

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Causes stomach pain

When chewing, the salivary glands begin to function, the body will be notified to provide food, more time to prepare for the digestive process. If you eat too quickly, your brain will not receive the signal from the stomach and the result is that the stomach is unable to produce fluids and contractions for food digestion, which can lead to stomach pain.

Fast food also makes food more difficult to pass through the digestive tract, the body does not absorb the necessary nutrients, increases the feeling of bloating after eating.

Causes obesity

Eating too quickly can accidentally eat a lot of food, especially eating while also watching TV or playing mobile phones, then it will lead to eating too much food than the body needs, leading to the appearance of obesity. Research shows that the causes of obesity in many obese people are now related to speed and diet.

Cannot absorb nutrients in food

We can imagine that, for coarse grains and refined cereals, it is common to think that eating a subtle kind will be faster than eating raw. But in fact, eating refined grains is never comparable to raw grains, more simply, too much milled rice is not as nutritious as raw milled rice.

Along with that comparison, when we eat fast it is not as good as the way we eat slowly, chewing slowly, moderately. All nutrients in food will be “categorized” and absorbed more thoroughly if we eat slowly. The faster you eat, the more nutrients will be released into the waste stream.

Causes intestinal disease

If you eat too quickly, of course there will be a bad effect on your stomach and digestive organs. The passage of time will lead to digestive diseases that appear, so diet should pay attention, maintaining speed should not be too fast to avoid or reduce the incidence of intestinal diseases.



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