9 false myths of hair care that you have to stop believing

9 false myths of hair care that you have to stop believing
9 false myths of hair care that you have to stop believing

Apply apple cider vinegar to end the frizz, or even vodka to promote faster growth, are homemade tricks to care for the hair that DO work and maybe you did not know. But, there are also false myths that you have to stop believing and right now because all they do is waste your time and generate expectations where there are none.

9 false myths of hair care that you have to stop believing

It’s time to make clear that those “tricks” you learned as a child are a reverend lie.

1. You have to change shampoo every 3 months

Like your skin, hair has different needs according to the time of year you are in, hence the explanation of why that shampoo you like so much does not always give you the same effects.

Nobody can force you to change it. What you have to do is look for homemade masks or other treatments that give back to your hair the softness and shine that you like so much to see during all the months of the year. For example, just as there are home tips for hair care in winter, there are for the summer and for the whole year.

2. Cut your hair so it grows faster

This advice for sure you heard it coming from your mom or one of your friends! True? Well let us disappoint you and even make you laugh at yourself for a moment because the hair does not grow at the tips but from the root. It has no logic!

3. Dandruff only comes out on dry scalps

LIE! This problem is faced by people with oily scalps. If you are one of them and have ever heard that hydrating your hair is ideal, do not do it because the only thing you will cause is that the situation worsens.

But, why do I have dandruff? Poor nutrition, use of inappropriate cosmetic products, stress or by some fungus.

4. It is better to let your hair dry naturally than to use a dryer

Unless you walk with a pixie style haircut, using the dryer is not counterproductive to your hair. The humidity created by the dryer at a temperature not very high protects the cells of the scalp, which makes this instrument one of your allies to care for your mane. Of course, make sure that the distance between the hair and the dryer is at least 15 cm.

5. With appropriate products you can rescue damaged hair

Another false myth of beauty! It is true that, if the damage is not very deep, you can rescue those damaged areas with chemical and natural cosmetics. However, if you already have split ends, hair “burned” and brittle, there is nothing to do. You will have to submit to the scissors and change your look.

6. Washing your hair often makes it get dirty faster

If your hair is greasy, you are aware of what it costs to keep it free of shine due to dirt, but that does not have to make you believe that washing it every two days makes it get dirty faster. That your mane has this characteristic does not depend on the frequency with which you wash it, but on the care you give it.

7. Washing your hair with cold water gives it more shine

It has been proven that the mane does not have living cells, so it is not capable of reacting neither to the cold nor to the hot of the shower water in a matter of giving it shine. If, like all women, you want your beautiful hair to be always brilliant, your best allies can be found in cosmetics or natural oils.

8. Brush it every day

“And every night,” they say around there. You have always believed that rigorously brushing the hair helps to distribute the natural oils of the scalp, which will make it look brighter; However, this myth was denied by Paradi Mirmirani, assistant professor of dermatology at the University of California, at the Salud180 site. The specialist confirmed that this habit generates friction, which damages the cuticle and breaks the hair.

9. If you pull out gray hair, you get more

It is a belief of the most popular and false that exist. No scientific study has been able to prove this theory, but neither are we going to recommend that you do it because you can damage the follicles. In any case, better paint your hair with these 5 dyes that make you look younger.

What do you think?

Written by Arun Sharma


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