9 tricks to finish today with frizz Get it Right this time

Would you like to end the annoying frizz of your hair today?

9 Tricks To Finish Today With Frizz Get It Right This Time
9 tricks to finish today with frizz Get it Right this time

The first thing we need to explain to you is that frizz is formed because your hair needs moisture, but factors like weather in the city where you live or genetics also influence. When not finding humectación, the hair expands and that curling forms that to none of the women we like. As we told you, the types of hair that suffer more easily are curly, wavy and also dyed because they are more porous.

It’s time to stop the frizz! So follow the following beauty tricks:

1. The stylist Leonardo Rocco advised on one of our Facebook Live that we had with him in Miami that it is necessary to wash your hair two to three times a week. When you do, perform a capillary massage with the fingertips to promote circulation of the scalp.

The expert said at that time that you should take care of beauty products and not stop using shampoo and conditioner. This last let it react for 2 or 3 minutes to hydrate better.

2. When you wash your hair, do it with warm or cold water, NEVER with hot water because it dehydrates it and promotes the appearance of frizz.

3. When drying it you have to do it with a towel and with gentle movements because if they are sharp, you punish the hair and promote the frizz.

4. In your case, avoid using the hair dryer as much as possible. If you have to do it, use it 30 centimeters away from the scalp.

5. In your bathroom you can not miss the hydrating masks because these are responsible for hydrating your hair; therefore, the hated short hairs will not appear.

6. We know that women are lovers of hair accessories, but if you suffer from frizzy hair, avoid them because they damage the threads and break them. When combing it, do not choose very elaborate hairstyles and when sleeping, let your hair loose.

7. Apply natural masks; For example, apply coconut oil twice a week. Let it react for 30 minutes and then wash as usual. Also bet on applying raw egg to keep your hair away from the frizz. Rub the scalp well and where it “electrifies” the most. Let it react for 15 minutes and then wash with shampoo and conditioner.

8. Use wood brushes rather than metal or plastic because the latter produce more frizz.

9. When brushing, do it from bottom to top and not from top to bottom. Take small strands and start brushing the hair from the middle of the hair towards the tips. When you’re done, it’s time to comb the root.


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    Written by Arun Sharma

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