Keep your brain healthy throughout life with these tips

Keep your brain healthy throughout life with these tips

Keeping the brain healthy and active is essential to maintain a good state of health, because it helps us to prevent diseases such as Alzheimer’s, which imply a worrying cognitive deterioration. Unlike what is sometimes thought, we can carry out certain techniques to strengthen the capabilities of the most important organ of our body. Some of them we specify in this article.

Tips to keep the brain healthy and active

To keep the brain healthy and active, we recommend you follow these tips:

1. Healthy diet
A diet rich in vitamins and nutrients positively influences our cognitive processes, improving brain function and providing energy. For example, salmon, nuts, tomatoes, strawberries, blackberries and vegetables help us to strengthen memory and concentration. In addition, it is recommended not to consume too much caffeine or sugar.

Like the body muscles, the brain needs to exercise to stay healthy.

2. Avoid tobacco and alcohol.
Alcohol reduces brain mass and affects your chemical reactions, so it is best not to abuse your consumption. On the other hand, tobacco can generate a serious cellular damage in the brain, favoring the loss of memory, lack of concentration and the appearance of certain disorders.

3. Physical exercise.
Moderate exercise is essential to keep the brain healthy, active and in good condition. With physical activity helps us to clear the mind, reducing stress and anxiety. It is enough to walk thirty minutes a day, go up and down stairs, a little bit of bicycle, etc. Disciplines such as yoga or tai chi are also highly recommended.

4. Sleep enough.
The lack of sleep makes it difficult for us to generate new memories and assimilate what we have learned during the day. Experts recommend a minimum of eight hours of sleep per day, otherwise our brain functions may be altered. Also, it is important to lie down and wake up at approximately the same time every day to keep the brain healthy.

5. Exercise the mind.
Like the muscles of the rest of the body, the brain needs to exercise to stay in shape. Therefore it is important to impose challenges such as learning languages, studying, learning to play an instrument, read or write. In this way we improve our cognitive abilities and prevent memory loss. There are also activities specially designed for this purpose, such as tests, games, crafts, etc.

6. Leisure time.
Relaxation, fun and a sense of humor help to release stress, which in turn benefits correct brain activity. Therefore it is important to reserve a time a day to take a bath, go out with friends, watch TV, etc. In the long run, we will notice an improvement in our memory and ability to concentrate.

What do you think of these tips to keep the brain healthy?

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