8 Simple Ways to Improve Your Mental Health

8 Simple Ways To Improve Your Mental Health

Surely on the occasion it has happened to you that no matter how hard you tried to remember the address of a place or the name of a childhood companion you did not succeed. Although it is a fairly normal action that occurs in the brain, as the years go by the memory retention capacity decreases, especially in old age.

For this reason and to reinforce memory, here are eight ways to improve brain health, according to an article published on the BBC website.

1. Eat properly

Believe it or not, the functions of the brain depend a lot on the levels of glucose that enter the body, so if you do not control the amounts ingested, these can be affected, sometimes causing you to feel confused.

2. Memorize things

It’s another way to train your brain. You can practice memorizing names, words or things.

3. Exercise

One way to take care of your body is through exercise. According to various specialists, these movements help the formation of brain cells.

4. Relax

We all know that stress is one of the main disorders that affect our brain. Therefore, it is usually recommended to take walks or sightseeing to maintain a clear mind and free of tension.

5. Learn something new

An excellent alternative is to do things that you like to paint. Making canvases helps to improve every area of ​​the brain. You can try doing yoga or practicing some dance.

6. Sleep well

Sleeping the necessary hours, helps to combat negative emotions such as depression. So try to rest your seven or eight hours without interruptions.

7. Listen to music

We have mentioned previously that listening carefully to the musical instruments that are played in a song, stimulate the sensory neurons. So relax and listen to some melody.
8. Practice what you studied while falling asleep

This will help you reinforce what you have learned as you can not imagine. The next day, you will be able to remember more easily the words and those topics that you think will be part of the test.


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