Ashley Graham talks about the stereotypes imposed by the fashion industry

Ashley Graham Talks About The Stereotypes Imposed By The Fashion Industry

The model Ashley Graham is one of the advocates of the rights of women of large size within the fashion industry.

One of the driving models of the “Body Positive”, Ashley Graham, confessed for a recognized international magazine and told all about fashion, catwalks and plus size women.

During the interview the curvy model commented that for a long time she believed that diet was the solution to look spectacular; However, with the passage of time, he understood that the balance was not going to give him the happiness he needed.

In addition to pointing out that the true size of women is not always shown in fashion magazines or commercials, it is much more and due to the fact that they are larger, it does not mean that they have to stop wearing exclusive garments and accessories.

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Ashley Graham is known for constantly raising her voice in protest of the rights and empowerment of plus size women who, like her, at one time felt discriminated against by brands by not being able to use clothing brands of exclusive designers by the Failure to fit the size that these establish.

“It’s a question of power. The average size of Americans is 50, not 36. We want to access fashion and luxury products, designers must take this into account, because we are many and we want to make it clear that we also exist.”

So I also point out, that for a long time he tried everything to lose weight; However, he never succeeded, “I have tried everything to lose weight, but I have never done it, so I decided to give in. We can not be perpetually at war with ourselves, in search of an ideal that forces us to take unnatural measures. ”

So she chooses to lead a healthy lifestyle free of diets, but a lot of self-love, because the model and businesswoman understood that being herself could accept such and how it was, as well as being determinant with what you want, plus to be an example to follow for other women who may be going through similar situations.

One of the messages that she gives to women around the world and that she repeats every day is, “You are brilliant, you are beautiful, you are strong.”


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