The Top 10 Game Of Thrones Episodes Which We Think Are The Best To Date

Game of Thrones This would be the link between Jon Snow and the King of the Night 4
Game of Thrones This would be the link between Jon Snow and the King of the Night 4

The medieval drama series, ‘Game of Thrones’, came with its first episode back in 2011 and, currently, we are waiting for its final season in 2019.

The series is based on the novels of George R.R. Martin “Song of Ice and Fire” and, since its premiere, had a great support and success, which, as the seasons passed, has been increasing.

Let’s see what episodes have impacted the most, of course, to us.


Winter is coming (Chapter 1, Season 1)

The Top 10 Game Of Thrones Episodes Which We Think Are The Best To Date

This first episode shows us everything that awaits us throughout the seasons. The conspiracy between Jaime and Cersei Lannister against Robert, who at that time was the King of the Seven Kingdoms.

Also, how they took the Stark’s reputation, seeing the side of which Jon Snow was a bastard; as well as the desire to retake the power of the Targaryen.

And finally, what marked this episode and the beginning of this story, the moment when Jaime throws Bran Stark out the window having seen him with Cersei having sex.

The Mountain and the Viper (Chapter 8, Season 4)

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The duel between The Mountain and Oberyn Martell for the trial by combat of Tyrion Lannister, it impacted because it was not expected the result finally seen.

Recall that The Mountain crushed the head of Oberyn, arousing greater desire for revenge in the war that was coming.


Baelor (Chapter 9, Season 1)

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The death of Ned Stark showed us that any of the characters in the plot could die without warning, no matter if it was good or bad, only that nobody is safe.

The beheading of Ned was one of the most painful moments of the first season, because that betrayed man, would not know if he was going to run or not until the last moment, giving the moment of grace King Joffrey Baratheon.


The Winter Winds (Chapter 10, Season 6)

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The development of this episode marked three essential moments: Jon Snow is elected King in the North, Daenerys advanced his attack strategy by obtaining a fleet and army; and Cersei takes revenge against his enemies by destroying the Baelor Sept.

The Door (Chapter 5, Season 6)

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This chapter showed the good heart that Hodor had, but also explained why he only said his name.

Hodor, who took care of Bran since they lost Winterfell, died in a very tragic way, but apparently he was already destined to die in this way. This episode also shows Bran’s powers as The Three Eyed Raven.

The Spoils of War (Chapter 4, Season 7)

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Starring Daenerys Targaryen, this is one of the most memorable battles the series has. The battle is against the army of the Lannister, where he goes after having discussed with Jon Snow the threat of the White Walkers.


The Rains of Castamere (Chapter 9, Season 3) aka The Red Wedding

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If the death of Ned Stark showed that any character could die, in the Red Wedding they make this clear, because here we see Robb, Catelyn, Talyssa and the son who waited.

This fact occurred after the patriarch of the Frey wanted Robb to be his son-in-law, but when he could not get it, he joined forces with the Lannister to perpetrate this event.


Blackwater (Chapter 9, Season 2)

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The first great battle seen in ‘Game of Thrones’ marked a moment in the series about everything that would come in seasons to come.

In the chapter, Tyrion Lannister had discovered the fire Valyrio hidden in some vaults, that after investigating on its use like weapon, could finish with all the enemy fleet.

The Battle of the Bastards (Chapter 9, Season 6)

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This was one of the chapters that required more production in the history of television, because here Jon ratifies his title as King in the North.

Only with a sword, is willing to face a lot of men to recover Winterfell, but the other men and women northerners are not left behind and decide to go against everything to beat Ramsay Bolton.

With the help of troops sent from The Knights of the Vale, the Stark were victorious and regained control over Winterfell.


Hardhome (Chapter 8, Season 5)

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From the first episode there are references about the existence of the White Walkers, but it is only in this chapter that we see the danger they really represent.

While they are fighting for the Iron Throne, the Night King has  plans to end the life of anyone who crosses his path.

What do you think?

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