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They reveal that this Saturday could be the civil wedding of Christian Nodal and Belinda

In addition, it is speculated that in case the wedding was today, the ceremony for the church would take place in December.

belinda y christian nodal
belinda y christian nodal

SPAIN – Despite the rumors of separation that arose around Christian Nodal and Belinda, since last August 21, several sources have assured that today could be their civil wedding.


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Speculations of the possible breakup of the couple arose after the singer deleted all his photos from his Instagram, except one of Speedy Gonzales, in addition to the fact that both stopped following each other.

Despite that, neither of the two interpreters has made any statement about it, so their fans have been kept abreast of any updates.

It was the journalist Marco Antonio Silva, who announced the date of the wedding by the civilian of Nodeli, assuring that it would be in Spain, the country from which the interpreter is originally.


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Silva declared that ‚ÄúI told them that, talking with a friend, that we have friends in common with Belinda, who are the production people who work with her, they told me that there is already a date set for Belinda’s civil wedding. [It will be] in the month of August, Saturday, August 28, the tentative date for the civil wedding. Not here in Mexico, in Spain. Family members of Nodal and Belinda and the most important and closest friends of the house will attend. It will not be a big wedding with big celebrities‚ÄĚ.

In addition, it is speculated that if the wedding were today, the ceremony for the church would take place in December, in Mexico City, where they would seek to hold a larger event, and we could even see several celebrities as guests.

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