Yanet Garcia celebrates Christmas in tight latex leggings and a topless outfit

Leena Wadia
Leena Wadia
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Yanet Garcia surprised her admirers on Christmas by posting a topless photo on her social media accounts.

Yanet Garcia, the former weather girl, has left her millions of followers in amazement after being spotted in a recent magazine displaying her amazing figure without a top, leaving nothing to the imagination.

The model, who has been seen looking flirty and in a highly festive and sexual mood, has raised the temperature of her official Instagram account by posing to the joy of her followers with very little top-coverage apparel.

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With her back to the camera, she is seen in the picture wearing a Santa Claus-style cap and red leggings that seem like Santa Claus trousers. However, what has everyone in awe is that she looks to be topless, leaving her back fully naked.

She has over 14 million followers on the social network, and as was to be anticipated, they have all shown their desire to wish him a “Merry Christmas” by flooding the comment section of her posts with kind remarks.

The Monterrey, Mexico native has authored “Merry Christmas.”

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Posing with one leg elevated, one arm up, and her back against the wall with her already well-known posterior completely exposed manages to make a huge impression on her admirers who have been mesmerized by her extraordinary beauty.

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