10 Reasons To Undergo Regenerative Phlebotherapy For Varicose Veins: TRAP

Adam Smith
Adam Smith
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1.- Show your legs clean of all kinds of varicose veins

Dr. Oyola’s TRAP Phlebolological Treatment for varicose veins solves the problem of venous circulation, from the deepest veins to the superficial or spider veins.

That is why your legs will return to their original appearance before suffering those annoying varicose veins. In Medical Aesthetics we have been carrying out for years, an innovative treatment to cure varicose veins. By using a solution of an aspirin derivative injected into the affected veins, Dr. Oyola obtains amazing immediate results.

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2.- Stop feeling discomfort, pain, and heaviness.

Forget about leg fatigue!

TRAP for varicose veins is a curative medical treatment. Once the problem is gone, the symptoms disappear.

If the blood circulates normally again through your veins and the muscles of your legs reach the constant and fluid irrigation, you will stop feeling those discomforts caused by annoying and unsightly varicose veins.

Varicose Vein Treatment &Amp; Removal - Transform Clinic

The uncomfortable use of compression stockings is essential when varicose veins have been treated with sclerotherapy or undergoing surgery, with TRAP they should only be worn a couple of hours after treatment.

You go out on your own after the session is over and you can continue with your usual life. Even go back to work, if you want!

3.- Improve all circulation in the legs and pelvis.

The Regenerative Treatment of Dr. Oyola restores the normal functioning of the venous blood system, by extension, all those discomforts or pathologies derived from poor circulation before TRAP improve or simply disappear.

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This would be the case of metrorrhagia (long menstrual bleeding), a very common manifestation among young patients with varicose vein problems.

4.- Cure yourself of your affectation.

Don’t settle for “patching” your circulation. Treatments for varicose veins that are currently being carried out are limited to “eliminating” the symptoms.

Closing veins with foam, burning them with laser technology, or cutting and removing them surgically, does not solve the problem, it only makes up! Only TRAP recovers the venous system and cures the disease.

Sclerotherapy For Spider Veins: How It Works | Vein Clinics Of America

5.- Treatment without work or social leave.

TRAP is an outpatient phlebological treatment, it does not need hospitalization, or any other type of subsequent treatment, which forces you to be sick for EVEN AN INSTANT.

You leave our Clinic on your own feet and you can continue leading your normal life. Because your time is important to your work, our patients know that TRAP is the only treatment for varicose veins capable of restoring the function of the vein valves, that is, the conduction of blood to the heart.

Sclerotherapy | Washington, Dc | Center For Laser Surgery

6.- Improve your quality of life and don’t hide your legs anymore.

Think about the benefit of Dr. Oyola’s TRAP, in addition to curing you. In your daily routine, in your social life, in your image …

Show your legs! No more embarrassed about those old, unsightly varicose veins. And you feel comfortable with yourself again.

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7.- More than 400 patients have already had it done in our Clinical Centers.

Many of our patients came to our Cáceres and Badajoz Clinical Centers after not solving their varicose veins problem through surgical operations, vein removal, or other treatments such as foam sclerotherapy or laser ablation.

Many others were encouraged to have the TRAP recommended by someone they knew who had already done it successfully and whose results are as visible as they are long-lasting.

All of them form the great Family of happy and satisfied people after having had the TRAP and solving their varicose vein problem.

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8.- Do not be afraid that your varicose veins will return or worsen after treatment. C onfíe in Doctors who know what they do.

The professionalism of Dr. Oyola’s Team, the specialized medical qualification, and the extensive experience of its two Clinical Centers in phlebology treatments provide the necessary security for you to trust Medical Aesthetics.

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9.- Regenerative Phlebotherapy exceeds and improves any other varicose vein treatment. Don’t settle for less!

Neither foam sclerosis, nor the most advanced lasers, nor surgical operations manage to recover the circulatory system of the veins. Only Dr. Oyola’s TRAP is the medical treatment that solves the problem of any type of varicose vein.

If you suffer from varicose veins and want to solve this uncomfortable problem once and for all, remember that it is a disease and not just an aesthetic issue.

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10.- Trust Doctors who know what they are doing.

The professionalism of Dr. Oyola’s Team, the specialized medical qualification, and the extensive experience of its two Clinical Centers in phlebology treatments provide the necessary security for you to trust Medical Aesthetics.

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