What was her name and how old was Ninel Conde in RBD

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Ninel Conde 3
ninel conde 3

The phenomenon that RDB caused, not only in Mexico but throughout the world, made all the artists who participated in this telenovela further catapult their careers. One of these cases was that of Ninel Conde who, although she was already well known, helped her reach new audiences.

When Ninel Conde appeared in the famous Mexican soap opera “Rebelde” she was 28 years old and played Alma Rey, the mother of the young and attractive Roberta, the character of Dulce María.

For the actress, her character was very special, since at many points she felt identified: “There were very mixed feelings because ‘Alma Rey’ was a single woman with a girl, she is a single mother and works in this medium (the one with shows ), so I did feel identified in several things with Alma”.

Ninel Conde: before and after RBD

Ninel Conde began her career when she was just 19 years old. She became known after winning the contest “Señorita Estado de México” in 1995. After this, she decided to start studying to perfect herself in acting and singing, which led her to train with great teachers in the entertainment world.

The first characters that the actress obtained were in “Under the same face”, “Luz clarita”, “Catalina y Sebastián” and “Besos prohibited”, all projects that she carried out between 1995 and 1999.

At the turn of the century, new proposals arrived: “La revancha” in 2000 and “Como en el cine” in 2001. Three years later, one of the most important proposals of her career would arrive, playing ‘Alma Rey’ in ” RBD”.

Some years passed until she returned to join another novel. Then came “Fire in the blood” (2008), “Sea of ​​love” (2009), “Because love rules” (2012), and “In the wild” (2017).

Not everything has been soap operas in her career, she also worked on programs such as “Lo que callamos las mujeres” and “Al derecho y al Derbez”, together with Eugenio Derbez. Without forgetting her time on the reality show “Big Brother”.

Ninel Conde’s facet as a singer

The passion that this artist has for music led her to release her first album in 2003, under the name ” Ninel Conde “. Within this project is the song “Callados”, which she performs in a duet with the singer José Manuel Figueroa. Thanks to this material, she received a nomination for “Best Group Album” at the 2004 Latin Grammys.

Two years after her first album, she released her new project under the title “La Rebelde”, from which songs such as “Todomigo”, “Ingrato” and “Que no te asombre” emerge.

In 2006 he released one of her biggest hits: “El bombón killer”. A topic that reached the top of all the rankings.

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