Vanessa Hudgens and the veil minidress with which she conquered MTV

Actress Vanessa Hudgens was the center of attention walking the red carpet of the MTV Movie & TV Awards

vanessa hudgens outfits
vanessa hudgens outfits

Actress Vanessa Hudgens was in the spotlight as she walked the red carpet at the MTV Movie & TV Awards on Sunday in Santa Monica, California.

She dazzled by showing off her silhouette dressed in a spectacular blue veil minidress with which she imprinted movement and elegance when walking. It is Vera Wang‘s creation.

The strapless garment exposed her shoulders. She completed her look with silver platform sandals and upped the glam with hoop earrings, rings, and flawless makeup that focused on deepening her gaze with black eyeliner and silver eyeshadow.

Vanessa Hudgens and the veil minidress with which she conquered MTV

The Princess Swap star was a presenter at the ceremony and stunned in a series of ultra-glamorous outfits. She appeared in a sequined minidress, with a miniskirt Versace look and a memorable pink Barbie minidress with a plunging neckline.

Vanessa Hudgens and the veil minidress with which she conquered MTV

Another of her outfits consisted of a black latex jumpsuit that she matched with long patent leather boots, laces, and dizzying heels.

Vanessa Hudgens thus adds another event as a presenter, after she did it magnificently at the the2022 Met Gala, organized byVogue.

She has also started her journey as an entrepreneur with the launch of Margalicious Margarita, a ready-to-drink she makes in collaboration with Thomas Ashbourne Craft Spirits, a women-led brand.

During the creative process, when it came time to decide which type of drink to choose, the choice seemed clear to Vanessa Hudgens and three of her friends with whom she partnered.

“My favorite memories of going out with my girlfriends involve going to a Mexican restaurant and buying a margarita. There’s definitely a specific vibe that comes with it, and it totally fits our personalities,” she told People magazine .

“There was a meme that said: You can never have a bad time in a Mexican restaurant, no matter what happens and I laugh just thinking about it because it’s true. Go to a Mexican restaurant. You can’t be sad! You take a margarita and everything is fixed,” she added.

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