Tom Hardy With more than 20 years of experience, jumped from the small screen to the film format with complex works.

Tom Hardy
Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy began his career in the mini-television series Band of Brothers in 2001. The same year he made his film debut in Black Hawk Down under the direction of Ridley Scott. Since then, his career grew rapidly. He has participated in series, independent films and big blockbusters.

However, it was his participation in Inception that caused him to be considered by many directors in his productions. Among them is Christopher Nolan who since then realized the great potential of Hardy with only the use of his look. This is why we have seen him in different roles wearing a mask that covers half of his face.

In 2016 he received a nomination for best supporting actor in The reborn next to Leonardo DiCaprio. These are just some of the best movies in Tom Hardy’s career.

13. Batman: The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

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Three people have played Bane, one of Batman’s strongest and most intimidating enemies. The third person to give life to the man who broke the bat was Tom Hardy next to Christian Bale as Batman. In this third installment of the Knight of the Night (directed by Christopher Nolan), Batman is allied with Catwoman to defeat the terrorist behind the mask that aims to annihilate Gotham City.

12. Bronson (2008)

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Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn (Drive), Bronson is a film in which Tom Hardy shows us once again his talent, versatility and commitment to the performance giving life to Michael Gordon Peterson, one of the most violent prisoners in England, who spends three decades in solitary confinement. During his isolation, Peterson shows us his alter-ego Charles Bronson (American actor known for The Great Escape, 1963).


11. Child 44 (2015)

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Tom Hardy plays a member of the Russian military police who, after the mysterious death of a child, begins to investigate the series of murders of minors during the Stalin dictatorship. Child 44 is based on Tom Rob Smith’s novel, which is inspired by the murders committed by Andréi Chikatilo between 1978 and 1990. This film is one of four where we see Tom Hardy and Gary Oldman work together.

10. Dunkirk (2017)

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Once again Tom Hardy working under the direction of Christopher Nolan. This time as a pilot of the allies during World War II. Despite his few dialogues and appearances, Hardy is an important element in this production based on real events when Belgian, French and British soldiers are surrounded in Dunkirk by the German army.

9. Inception (2010)

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Christopher Nolan, Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy should say everything about this movie. Inception was the one who finished putting Tom Hardy in the sights of new fans as well as placing him in the ranking of big productions. Hardy plays Eames, who helps DiCaprio and other characters (including Ellen Page and Joseph Gordon-Levitt) to implant an idea within the dreams of an entrepreneur.

8. The delivery (2014)

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Tom Hardy, James Gandolfini, Noomi Rapace and a pit bull. Based on the story Animal Rescue by Dennis Lehane, The Delivery shows us Bob (played by Hardy), a retired bartender who is involved in a robbery at the bar where he works, which puts him under the radar of the mafia . His life is transformed when he meets his neighbor and finds a battered dog for which he has to do everything to keep it.

7. Legend (2015)

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Once again we see Tom Hardy in a biographical drama, but this time he plays two people: the identical twins Reginald and Ronald Kray, London gangsters of the sixties involved in organized crime, accused of committing murders, robberies, fires and scams .


6. Locke (2013)

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Nothing like seeing Tom Hardy for an hour and a half to travel in his car to London while making and receiving calls from several people including his co-workers, his boss, his wife, his son and the mother of his unborn child. Hardy shows that a good performance does not always require body movements since all we see is his face and sometimes we do not see it in its entirety.

5. London Road (2015)

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A film based on real events and a musical that goes beyond the conventional in terms of the selection of roles of Tom Hardy. London Road tells the story of a small community whose tranquility is affected after the death of several women. Both the film and the play are directed by Rufus Norris. The dialogues in both, are the exact words that were taken from the interviews to the residents of the community but put in musical numbers.

4. Mad Max: Fury on the road (2015)

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Trucks, cars and tanks scouring the desert at full speed while listening to shrill music by Junkie XL. A visual explosion crediting six Oscars and nominated for best film in 2016. Behind a mask that covers half of his face, Tom Hardy helps a group of women led by Charlize Theron to escape from a tyrant who kept them imprisoned in a vacant place.

3. The Revenant (2015)

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Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy compete with their performances in this story directed by Alejandro G. Iñárritu. For the second time we can see the dumbbell achieved between both actors although this time in antagonistic roles. DiCaprio is a man who seeks to survive after being attacked by a bear and left behind by his own group. While Hardy, belonging to the DiCaprio group betrays him.

2. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (2011)

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Based on the novel by John LeCarré, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy is a thriller with a cast of great actors, including Tom Hardy, Gary Oldman, Benedict Cumberbatch, Colin Firth, among others. The story follows a veteran spy during the Cold War who must discover the Soviet agent inside the Secret Intelligence Service, better known as MI6, who is betraying them.


1. Warrior (2011)

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One of the most stressful and emotional boxing fights in the movies is starring Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton in Warrior. This story presents two brothers who are estranged from small due to the relationship with his father (Nick Nolte), an alcoholic ex-boxer. The exploits of each one make them enter a martial arts tournament to later face face to face.

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