They vandalize the residence of the actress Sofía Vergara

It was done by a man who claims to be the son of the Barranquilla.

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Los Angeles authorities received a strange call on Monday morning, about something strange that happened at the house of a famous celebrity couple in that city.

As revealed by the TMZ portal, when the police arrived at the scene, they found a man, who was hanging around the house that turned out to be the famous actress Sofía Vergara and her partner Joe Manganiello. The place was empty.

When questioning the man, he accepted that he was the author of the damage caused, among which was a large orange-colored name painted on the walls of the residence. The written name corresponds to the one that the author of the facts uses in his social networks.

Upon being arrested, the man said that he was the son of the protagonist of the series ‘Modern Family’, which for the authorities is not credible. It is still unknown what kind of charges will fall on him.

What is certain is that the insurance company will have to disburse about $ 100,000 to fix the damage caused to the property, according to TMZ.

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