They capture Luis Miguel in compromising situations with his 19-year-old girlfriend

Luis Miguel
Luis Miguel

Paparazzi caught Luis Miguel in compromising situations with his young girlfriend of 29 years younger than him while enjoying a vacation on a beach in Miami.

They capture Luis Miguel in compromising situations with his 19-year-old girlfriend

After the success of the first season of his biographical series, Luis Miguel is again in one of the best moments of his career, so, decided to enjoy a vacation in Miami, with his new girlfriend of 19 years, Mollie Gould .

The couple was caught, recently, in very affectionate situations enjoying the sea on a beach. The diffusion of the compromising images caused a furor in social networks. And is that some media pointed out that the singer would have been caught having sex with his young girlfriend, by the position in which it appears in the snapshots.

Luis Miguel and his girlfriend

As it transpired, the “Sun” of Mexico was not alone with his girlfriend during this vacation, he was also accompanied by his brother Alejandro and Gerardo Islas, ex-boyfriend of Sherlyn, who were also accompanied.

Luis Miguel on the beach

As revealed in the Netflix biographical series, the artist has had a long list of brides in his life, and, apparently, the list has not been closed, since since March he began to link with Mollie Gould, a model and American dancer, who was also part of his ‘staff’ of

Second season
After the expectation generated by the unexpected outcome of the first season of “Luis Miguel, the series”, the fans of the production look forward to the continuation of the story. While there was nothing confirmed yet, despite the rumors of a second season, the actor who played Luis Miguel in his childhood, Izan Llunas, confirmed to Rolling Stone magazine that there will be a new season of the series.

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