The ‘Rio’ house of the Casa de Papel burns down, and the networks condemn it.

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The Rio House Of The Casa De Papel Burns Down And The Networks Condemn It.
The Rio house of the Casa de Papel burns down and the networks condemn it.

Miguel Herrán, the actor, left the networks today with sad news. On his Instagram account, the actor who played Rio in the film Paper House revealed that his house in Spain had been destroyed by a fire.

“Good morning,” wrote the Spanish actor, accompanied by a video he posted in his stories in which he can be heard not only cursing but also crying. According to what can be seen, the artist discovered this in the early hours of the morning and had no choice but to watch the fire destroy his home.

Users criticized him for starting to record instead of doing something else.

Herrán then published some photographs but hasn’t said much else about what happened.

Despite the unfortunate news, the fact sparked a lot of debate among his followers, with many criticizing him for recording and publishing what happened rather than doing something about it.

Miguel Herrán, who has also worked on popular Netflix shows such as Elite, has not provided any additional information about what occurred, and the only thing that can be deduced is that he is in shock.” I can’t believe it, my house,” he can be heard saying in the video.

It should be noted that Herrán has previously stated that he dealt with depression in his youth after posting some crying videos on his social media, so this is not the first time the actor has published personal events for him.

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