The ‘Elite’ creator assures that the nudity is done unconsciously.

Carlos Montero reiterated that these types of scenes were not planned, but they could not be left out of the series.

The Elite creator assures that the nudity is done unconsciously.
The Elite creator assures that the nudity is done unconsciously.

The fifth season of ‘Elite’ is now available on Netflix, bringing with it a slew of reactions from die-hard fans hoping for more dramas, relationships, situations, and unexpected characters.

That is why this new installment has sparked such excitement, as it has already been stated that it is full of new events as well as new fronts or themes to address in terms of the relationships or styles that the new characters in this Spanish youth series intend to defend that has brought so much success to its directors and cast that it is gaining more and more fans

However, its creator, Carlos Montero, sparked controversy once again with some forceful statements in which he reiterated that the nude scenes return with more emphasis and that they can never be lacking in the development of the story, but the most surprising thing about everything is that they are rarely planned, that is to say, that they appear to be natural to include them due to the topics or how each of the relationships presented on-screen develop.

The ‘Elite’ nudes are presented in an unplanned and unconscious manner.

And it is that Montero, who has been characterized by bringing the ‘Elite’ to the surface, also stated that once they are developing a script and discover that there is a lot of dialogue and little action full of sensuality, the entire team unconsciously suggests that include a nude or sensual scene in order to lift the audience and make them feel even more attracted to these actors who also have almost perfect bodies.

This also sparked debate, as Montero came to believe that it was critical for him to select a cast that had the exact measurements or patterns that today’s young people desired. This not only caused dissatisfaction among those who support the idea of showing the flaws in life through each project but also allowed for rejection of his ideology in the creation of this series.

However, this does not detract from its premiere, especially since it has demonstrated that it is becoming more inclusive, especially now that it has the opportunity to explore the two worlds that generate so many debates in society, namely machismo, and feminism. From then on, the public begins to notice that there is always something new to discover in the adolescent world, which is becoming increasingly complex.

That is why, on previous occasions, he took on the task of opening up to sexual diversity, which the devoted fan appreciates because it allows them to identify more and more, which is why there has been a great “boom” of this story, which you can already see in the entertainment catalog and that you can even marathon over the weekend. So, take a look at the eight chapters of this fifth installment and draw your own conclusions.

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