The best moments of Siew Pui Yi and Karely Ruiz on Instagram

Siew Pui Yi
Siew Pui Yi

The best moments of both on Instagram: Discover the details of the most significant experiences that these influencers have shared with their followers

As they are both famous Influencers of social networks , Karely Ruiz and Siew Pui Yi  have spent a lot of their time there and have shared very special moments for them, so it would be difficult to decide what have been the best moments in all of history. of their respective trajectories, however, both recently shared two very important events in their lives that could have earned a place on this list.

Siew Pui Yi


Both Influencers have demonstrated their great ability to connect with their audience through social networks, sharing moments in their lives that make them feel closer to them.

Siew Pui Yi has known how to conquer the hearts of her fans with her beauty and her talent in music and acting, while Karely Ruiz has managed to position herself as one of the most successful Influencers in the world of selling clothes. photographs online.


Siew Pui Yi desbanca a Karely Ruiz con chikinis ideales para el Verano


However, these important moments in their careers are not the only ones they have shared with their fans. Both have shown their day to day, their beauty routines and their lifestyle, thus creating a closer connection with their audience.  From their world travels to their most intimate moments, these two Influencers have managed to build a community of loyal and engaged fans.

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Movie protagonist.

First of all, Siew Pui Yi starred in the movie “Pulau” and attended its premiere wearing an elegant dress, sharing this unique and special moment with his fans.

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As a DJ

In addition, she recently had a live performance where she roused the crowd with her music and beauty, winning the hearts of tens of thousands of people.

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New truck

For her part, Karely Ruiz shared with her fans the purchase of her new Mercedes-Benz truck, one of her greatest achievements in her career as an Influencer. The photo in which he poses in an elegant blue dress received more than 700,000 likes on his Instagram account.

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Queen of canaval

She was also chosen as Queen of the Acapulco carnival, wearing a huge room and a crown worthy of a queen, an unforgettable moment for her and her followers.

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