Stranger Things 3 beats a Guinness Record before debuting

Stranger Things 3 beats a Guinness Record before debuting
Stranger Things 3 beats a Guinness Record before debuting

Netflix returns to make history, this time in Guinness Records thanks to ‘Stranger Things 3’, a series that has not yet been released.

The television data collection company Parrot Analytics has joined the Guinness World Records to search the world’s most famous original television and digital series. And it seems that ‘Stranger Things 3’, the Netflix series, has taken the cake before it premiered! The winners of each section will be presented in the 2019 edition of the Guinness Book of Records, which will be published in bookstores and online on September 6. “It is an honor to work with the venerable Guinness World Records,” said Wared Seger, CEO of Parrot Analytics. “We are delighted that the Guinness World Records team has decided to work with us to determine which television programs are the most popular in the world and that they have believed and trusted the value of the television demand metric in a global multiplatform established by the industry with the purpose of obtaining a true and empirical vision of what is most important for the spectators of the whole planet “.

The Guinness World Records firm has already used the Parrot Analytics TV demand measurement system, as Seger tested Variety last year. In 2018, it was the HBO series of ‘Game of Thrones’ that took the title. However, the 2019 edition will give the victory to ‘Stranger Things 3’ in a new category that has been created in order to include original series developed by streaming streaming services such as Hulu, Amazon or Netflix. Services that are fashionable and to which Hollywood intends to wage war once and for all.

‘Stranger Things 3’ is proof of how much video consumption on demand has changed in recent years

“Parrot Analytics is using our methodology to evaluate record designations at a completely new level,” said Craig Glenday, editor-in-chief of the Guinness Book of Records. “Its audience demand measurement system goes beyond surveys and daily questionnaires, since it uses a ‘big data’ and an artificial intelligence capable of observing the numerous ways in which consumers express their requests and requests. This year, by adding the category of digital originals, we will really have an accurate idea of ​​how much video consumption on demand has changed on our planet. ” So, it seems that ‘Stranger Things 3’ is in high demand and that the original Netflix television series and created by the Duffer brothers continues to triumph, even though it is not active right now.

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