Sonia O’neill Generator of Passions in Tremendous Red Swimsuit

The charming Venezuelan soccer player Sonia O’neill left Instagram with her mouth open with such an impressive publication.

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Europe.- The professional soccer player for Venezuela but born in Canada, Sonia O’neill has once again been the center of attention and the statuesque woman shared how she spends her vacations in Europe and left more than one surprised by showing off her extraordinary figure when wearing a red bathing suit.

Through her Instagram account , Sonia O’neill has already shared some photos of her visit to the beaches in Croatia with a series of photographs, one better and better than the next, which has made the likes and messages applauding the beauty of the player does not stop reaching her.

The image with which he raised the temperature was with the most recent because although in his other images he also models his swimsuits , the color red has much more impact and that is reflected in the number of likes that each time goes by. increasing to the point that it can become one of the most applauded for Sonia O’neill on her vacation.

Sonia O’neill is the owner of an enviable and rare figure in women’s soccer because in recent years it has become customary to see slimmer physiques because they are thought to be more agile, but in the case of the Venezuelan player, this is not the case since Being in perfect shape but with a little more volume than the rest of her classmates does not put her at a disadvantage, on the contrary it is a plus for her.

Sonia O'neill Generator of Passions in Tremendous Red Swimsuit
This is how Sonia O’neill enjoys the beaches in Europe | Photo: Instagram Sonia O’neill

Sonia O’neill, in addition to being an icon for soccer in Venezuela, has also taken a new facet in her social networks where she boasts in addition to her beauty, her figure, her soccer results and other interesting things that has made her community every time it increases.

She is currently 26 years old and although she has already dabbled in modeling, for now it is not a priority for Sonia O’neill but if she leaves football without problem she will be able to continue in force now with another facet in her life.

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