Shanik Aspe: How to be a modern and stylish mom?

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Shanik Aspe
Shanik Aspe

Shanik Aspe experienced motherhood firsthand in July 2020, when she gave birth to her first daughter, little Carlota, as a result of her marriage to Mauricio Odiardi, becoming a fashion and lifestyle icon for dozens of young mothers. . So we took on the task of knowing, how does the driver do to be a modern and stylish mom?

What is the greatest satisfaction motherhood has given Shanik Aspe?

The beautiful television host confessed to us that the greatest satisfaction she feels as a mother: is that of not being alone again. During her long career in the media, Aspe spent a lot of time away from home and her family, so she experienced very hard moments alone, but now with the arrival of Carlota, she knows that she is always accompanied by her.

“I know that there are people who like their space, but before I got married, something that hurt in my heart, especially because I lived far from my family, was loneliness,” she began.

“I know that Carlota is going to grow up, when she goes to kindergarten, to school, she goes home, and so on, but, at least, at this moment in my life, I feel accompanied 24 hours a day. It’s having a mini mi everywhere. There I read that being a mother is like having a part of the heart outside the body, it is wonderful, it has changed me in every way, “she said.

However, despite the great emotion of experiencing motherhood for the first time, the fears, challenges, and responsibilities also increased for Aspe, who believes that to create a family no sacrifices are made; but choices, lead you to fully live certain moments of life.

“The biggest challenge I have faced, I think it is an everyday challenge. Today I understand my parents better, we judge many things… It is such a great responsibility, ”she explained.

“I want to be the best mother for Carlota, never fail her, but I know there will come a time when she will hate me,” she said.

“Today I understand that educating is loving and that, if you want to be a good person, you will have to say no and cry, but it is also up to me to be a good person so that when she grows up, she says my parents, they gave me the best training. It is a huge responsibility,” she clarified

Shanik Aspe: How To Be A Modern And Stylish Mom?

How to be a famous and working mom?

The  Influencer also explained to us that her work life has taken a big turn, as her interests and priorities have changed. Now you must make better decisions for the well-being of your daughter, since, being a public figure, you must carefully choose the parts of your family life that you share on social networks or in the media, as you want to respect your daughter’s privacy.

“Carlota is a baby who cannot express whether she wants to appear in a series or not and exhibit her life, and at the most intimate, I think it is something delicate, so there are things that have changed. I try to find a balance because what I am experiencing today is being a young or pandemic mother. Many companies catch their attention and brands that seek me out, but I have tried to respect their privacy, ”she detailed.

“Also do certain projects that they have offered me, today I can no longer do them, that at the time I would have taken happily and jumped on the bed, today they offer it to me and I cannot do them, because they are asking me to leave to record or leave my baby for two months. So sure, there are a lot of things that have changed in my life, but at the same time, the price you pay for raising a family isn’t high when you don’t see it as a sacrifice. I do not think you sacrifice anything, there are times for everything and this is to embrace my motherhood and enjoy my daughter, “she said.

On the other hand, when asked about the future of her little girl and the type of connection they have, she revealed to us that she usually sings to Carlota every night, before going to sleep, which has created a great bond between them. So it shouldn’t surprise us if this baby grows up to be a famous singer.

“When the pandemic came, I started taking singing classes, I feel much more prepared, I have grown because I have had the time to prepare myself because with motherhood, I have given myself time to take classes in something that I like and in inter, Carlota sees that her mother likes to sing and then we connect in a very fatherly way, “he assured.

“He sang to her every night before bed. I took a sleep course and they say we should do a routine, where I would read him a story or sing to him, and in the end, I sang to him and she liked it, we started doing it every day and in the end, it became a routine. So every night I sit in my rocking chair, put a pillow on her, give her her bottle and sing to her before bed and she knows it’s time to rest. And it’s a very nice thing that we have between the two of us,” she declared.

Shanik Aspe: How To Be A Modern And Stylish Mom?

What is being a modern mom for Shanik Aspe?

“When my mom had me, it used to be that my mom or my mother-in-law came to take care of me and teach me how to change her diaper, feed her, and that. But in my case, since she touched me in a pandemic, well, nothing like the mother, the mother-in-law, and the whole thing, ”she maintains.

“And I realized that our parents taught us as they could, God gave them to tend or the parents taught them. Not necessarily in the most correct way. Today what I realize is that we have access to information that is impressive ”, she explained.

“As a pandemic mom, I took courses on many things; Beware, there are already all kinds of specialists, and each one will sell you their own, the one with the dream will tell you that the dream is the most important thing. You have to find that balance, but there’s nothing like being informed,” she told.

“Listen to your mothers or your mothers-in-law, because they have great experience and wisdom that only life and years give you, but nothing like taking advantage of technology and access to information,” she said.

Shanik Aspe: How To Be A Modern And Stylish Mom?

To be a mom or not?

Finally, Shanik advised women who want to be mothers not to think about it so much, because being a mother is one of the best experiences in life, but she invited young women to look for a good partner to start a family.

“The strongest decision is not to be a mother, I want to disappoint them all because when you have a child, you are going to love him with all your being and heart because there is nothing that compares to him, there is nothing the same, it does not mean May it be the love of your life, the love of my life is my husband, but they are different loves. Then you are going to love your son very much, you are going to be willing to do anything for your children, ”she said.

“The most important decision is who you have those children with. That is the advice I give you, do not think so much about being a mother or not, but with whom I am going to have those children, is it a person who gives me peace? Is it a person who makes me better? Is he a person who supports me? Is he a loving person? Is he a person with values? Is he a person who makes me smile? Because between that person and you they will create a human being. And he will always have a piece of that person and one of you. And they will be linked all their lives and it may be that your motherhood is super nice, because you had someone who takes care of you, supports or understands, or very hard because the father is careless or drunk, hell. So my advice is don’t think so much about motherhood because it’s beautiful; but with whom to have that child or children, ”she concluded.

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