Raúl Araiza and Galilea Montijo are having fun from the ground today.

Raul Araiza
Raul Araiza

The conductors Raúl Araiza and Galilea Montijo had fun “like children” in a dynamic full of slips in the most recent Hoy broadcast.

On the most recent broadcast of the popular Hoy program, its drivers did not stop at enjoying the exciting dynamics and provided an unusual moment for all watchers.


Raúl Araiza hace fuertes revelaciones sobre el origen de sus adicciones


Fans of this popular morning program used social media to spread a video of Raúl Araiza and Galilea Montijo playing on a foam-filled inflatable, “losing the floor” on multiple occasions.

There was even a segment of the public who expressed a desire to have a career as active as theirs because there was no shortage of laughter when they were playing among the big cumulus of foam like toddlers.


Hoy program Galilea Montijo is fractured after a heavy fall


It is not for nothing that the program has a highly dedicated audience, having been one of the most recognized in Mexico since its initial broadcast in August 1998, thanks to its instructive capsules and unforgettable moments like this one.

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