Lorena Herrera is INJURED in the wound of her recent SURGERY during a press conference

Lorena Herrera
Lorena Herrera

The cast of the ‘ 2×1 ‘ production attended the press conference that took place on March 22 to share the chemistry of the actors that make up the project.

Sergio Mayer , Pepe Magaña, Lorena Herrera and Michelle Vieth were the actors who came to attend the media, where they told how they passed the rehearsals and the energy that everyone shared.

La cantante Lorena Herrera se ve obligada a cancelar sus grabaciones a  causa de la influenza - Los Angeles Times

However, after the conference ended, the media had an approach to celebrities to talk a little more, but it was at that moment that they began to be pushed , they even ended up hitting Lorena Herrera .

Apparently, the fact that a fan accidentally hit the 56-year-old actress got Herrera upset with the act.

Lorena Herrera walks on the beach with a risky transparent dress to beat  the heat

We must remember less than a month ago, the Mazatlan woman underwent surgery due to a hernia, for which the surgical procedure consisted of a laparoscopy , which is why she had to wear a special girdle, until yesterday, when her The doctor told him that he could finally get rid of it but with the necessary precautions.

It seems that during the interviews that the reporters do with the artists, a man had a very close encounter with the actress, for which he ended up hitting her belly and she reacted with some disgust .

Lorena Herrera revela que perdió el líiido | People en Español

After it seemed that the pain that Lorena felt after the incident, she continued to speak to the press, asking them to be very careful not to harm her, since she said that she had been operated on for a hernia just a few weeks ago.

“I had surgery for two hernias. If you already have one and they have told you that nothing is wrong and you can live with it all your life, it may be so, but you must take great care of yourself since over time they get bigger and, therefore, when it is necessary to have surgery the recovery will take longer and be more painful due to the type of procedure that must be done”:

Despite the fact that Herrera tried not to make it too noticeable that she was upset by the fan’s approach, the truth is that her expressions completely gave her away.

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