Ninel Conde flaunts a toned chest in a sultry black bathing suit

Rachita Salian
Rachita Salian
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Ninel Conde Could Be Involved In Larry Ramos  Shady Deals
Ninel Conde could be involved in Larry Ramos shady deals

Ninel Conde is used to delighting her audience with hot images that leave everyone speechless in the face of such sensuality and beauty. The actress, singer, and model usually boast of her incredible body wearing tight outfits that steal the breath of her followers.  This time, Ninel Conde showed off her spectacular body to all her fans by posting a photo in which she appears posing in a sensual black trikini that highlighted her curves.  Ninel Conde‘s outfit consisted of a hot swimsuit made up of three parts. Due to the shape of her swimsuit, her spectacular abdomen of steel stands out and her breasts looked tight dressed in the beach garment.

“The most important thing about each process is that you enjoy it,” he wrote in the description of the post on Instagram where the followers did not hesitate to react and praise the beauty of the famous Mexican artist. The hot photo accumulated more than 28 thousand ‘Like’ and hundreds of comments. 

“You are a beautiful love”, “Beautiful Mamacita”, “You look incredible, beautiful, what a great body”, “Your beauty has no limits”, “A very beautiful goddess”, “You look wonderfully beautiful”, “Very pretty, beautiful, beautiful “,” How beautiful are you my Ninel “,” You are the most beautiful in the world “,” How barbaric Niel, you are getting better every time “,” Roberta’s eternal mother “,” You are a goddess “, were some of the comments left by the followers of the beautiful artist.

Even though her career is growing like foam, Ninel Conde does not stop her from pursuing personal conflicts. She recently made some controversial statements about her son Emmanuel de Ella, whose total custody is her ex-partner Giovanni Medina. The artist can only see her son every 15 days, at the residence of her ex-partner. After several conflicts, the singer refuses to see Emmanuel until the authorities arrange a more neutral place for the visits.


So the day that the CECOFAM (Supervised Family Coexistence Center) can be carried out, that the judge does us a favor that they can be taken there or in a park or an impartial place, I will be the happiest and the first to be there In the meantime, this situation will not continue,” he warned.  A few days ago he was also the victim of an alleged shooting in San Francisco, California, where he appeared for Pride Month.

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