Ninel Conde and the jeans that highlight her silhouette

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Ninel Conde 10
ninel conde 10

Ninel Conde maintains an incredible figure at 45 years old thanks to the constant training that she shows on social networks. For this reason, she does not miss the opportunity to wear daring and sensual looks that mark her slender body, such as tight jeans, one of her favorite garments.

Some time ago several photos of the Mexican circulated in a recording studio where the singer Carmen Salinas was also. She was seen there with spectacular light-colored low-rise jeans, the trend of the moment, with tears at knee height and with a cuff outside.

She completed the look with a black crop top and a matching leather jacket, along with her long, straight hair. What caught the most attention were his closed stiletto-type shoes full of golden glitter, mainly on his toe.

Ninel Conde has more than 5 million followers on social networks and shares part of her days with them. The Mexican leads a very healthy lifestyle and she wants to convey this message to them, which is why she created a website where she sells all the products she uses.

In the “Fitness” section you will find their two creams: one for before training and the other for before going to work, at a price of $29 dollars each. “Is it possible to work your body without going to the gym? Of course, it is,” said the Mexican in a video posted on Instagram to recount the benefits.

Its best-selling and most valued product are the bands called Niu Fit Shaper, at a price of $59 dollars, which are placed on the waist to train. In this way, the body is better molded to fit the exercise and can be obtained between sizes XS and XL, as well as different colors.

“With both products I assure you that you will see the result faster than you imagine. They have been my companions during my workouts for a long time and they work great for me, that’s why I wanted to implement them in my store so that you can also take advantage of them! “, indicates on its website about creams and bands.

Ninel Conde has become a successful businesswoman and her brand is very popular in the fitness world. Although she has a long career as an actress and singer, today she is focused on taking care of her body and helping all her followers.

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