Where can you see the Marvel series that came out of Netflix

These series were the precursors to the successful productions created by the MCU.

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pexels photo 5202917

In 2013, when the Marvel Cinematic Universe was still starting to come together, Netflix reached an agreement with Marvel Studios from which some series now loved by fans emerged. Unfortunately, that agreement came to an end and now the streaming giant’s six original productions have migrated to another platform.


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After the agreement, Daredevil and Jessica Jones were launched, two of the great early successes of the Netflix platform and series that, ultimately, helped the enormous success and impressive growth of the N company. This series generated so much euphoria among the fans that ended up generating their own universe.

Marvel series are leaving Netflix, we tell you where you will be able to continue enjoying them

The Netflix-Marvel mini universe spanned 6 productions, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, The Punisher, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and finally, The Defenders, the long-awaited crossover of the characters. Unfortunately, the critics had very mixed opinions between productions, but this did not affect the success they had among Marvel fans.


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With the great growth of the MCU, its characters and properties became more and more exclusive and the agreement between the streaming platform and the studio was broken in 2018, so the series began to be cancelled and many were left somewhat unfinished. Finally, February 28 was the last day of availability of these on Netflix.

Despite the end of the agreement, Netflix managed to keep the existing chapters in its catalogue for a few more years, but with the arrival of Disney +, this has also come to an end. Luckily for fans of Marvel Studios, although the series has left Netflix, they can still be enjoyed on the Disney platform.


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In addition to this, fans should not wait long because it has already been confirmed on the official Disney + networks that the series will arrive on the platform on March 16. Something that should be highlighted is that this date has been given for customers in Canada and the United States, while for other areas of the world no date has yet been given.


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Similarly, knowing Marvel Studios and how much they care about their fans, we can expect that the 6 original Netflix productions will not take long to reach Disney + Latin America. In addition, many fans are curious to know if the Netflix logo will still appear when the series is played on the Disney platform.

What is certain is that the characters born on Netflix will begin to have more relevance within the MCU, which has been confirmed by the appearance of Matt Murdock in “Spiderman: No Way Home” and the long-awaited revelation of Wilson Fisk during the finale of the “Hawkeye” series, it remains to be seen if the other Defenders will appear in the MCU.

The future of Marvel Studios will be full of very familiar characters

Although the other Defenders are expected to end up as part of the current MCU class, it must be taken into account that there will be other productions that will bring back characters well known to fans, such as the one known as the first Marvel family, The Four fantastic.

On the other hand, a character that fans have already seen and will return to be part of the MCU is Blade, the vampire slayer, known for his trilogy of films in the 2000s, who this time will be played by the two-time winner of the Oscar, Mahershala Ali.

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