Netflix releases the trailer for the end of Stranger Things

stranger things
stranger things

The second part of the end of Stranger Things has just released its official trailer. Netflix makes the long-awaited trailer public.

It’s here! The trailer for the end of Stranger Things has just been released by Netflix. Since the first part of the fourth season premiered, fans of the Duffer brothers ‘ series have been waiting for this like rain in May. And, considering how that first part ended, tempers were as hot or hotter as the thermometer in summer. However, here we have the long-awaited preview!

The cards are already on the table. The end of Stranger Things is inevitable. The great Netflix series has led us for four seasons and five years on a wonderful journey between eighties nostalgia, a tribute to classic terror, and the purest science fiction.

A wonderful cinematographic exercise in a serial format that became the most acclaimed product on the streaming platform in its own right.

Now, the series comes to an end, and, with it, music, love, and friendship will stop playing in Hawkins. We wanted this moment to come, but… Now that it is before us, we are not ready!

How do you think the end of the series will be? Drop your theories!

Without a doubt, one of the great moments of the end of Stranger Things is going to be the return of Eleven.

The character of Millie Bobby Brown, an actress who is about to make her Star Wars casting official, will return to Hawkins with her powers restored. 

In true superhero style, she will fight against Vecna ​​himself and hopefully, the Netflix villain doesn’t destroy the lives of any of our beloved characters along the way.

We always fire someone, but… We don’t want to say “goodbye” anymore.

Another Stranger Things theory that is being considered is that Netflix has prepared another villain even bigger than Vecna.

That is, that Vecna ​​is simply a good ‘boss’, but that there is a ‘final boss’ waiting in the rear. The most widely spread theory is that Will Myers has been the great villain of Hawkins since the first season since he was kidnapped by The Upside Down World.

What do you think?

Written by Rachita Salian


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