This week’s top five Netflix, Amazon, or HBO shows


These are the premieres of the next few days, ranging from a low-level FBI agent to the end of the world with your old schoolmates.

We were too preoccupied watching the last remaining movies a week ago to arrive at the Oscars with our homework completed. Touch disconnection is now available.

These days, we return to the series with a list of new releases, as well as some revisiting previously recognised stories.

What are the best TV shows so far in 2022? Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+, Hulu,  Amazon Prime, Apple TV+, Paramount+ - AS USA

From films about religious cults to apocalyptic worlds in a comic key (sorry, The Last of Us is over), to FBI agents and animated shorts, Netflix, HBO Max, and Prime Video provide us with a repertoire that lacks no thriller, hilarity, or goodbyes. Following that, we’ll tell you which series we think you should watch this week.

Waco: The Texas Apocalypse (Netflix)

“Like a battle zone,” they said. This was the conflict in 1993 between federal agents and an armed religious group, a 51-day exchange of gunshots. This documentary, which is broken into three parts, launches on Netflix and features never-before-seen footage of what transpired in Waco, Texas, when the leader of a religious cult, David Koresh, declared war on the federal government. Tiller Russell directed the documentary, which was published on the 30th anniversary of the catastrophe.

The Night Agent (Netflix)

Based on Matthew Quirk’s novel, this series directed by Shawn Ryan and Seth Gordon follows a low-level FBI agent assigned to answer a phone that never rings in the White House basement. Till he does one day. Gabriel Basso, Luciane Buchanan, and Sarah Desjardins, executive producers of The Shield and SWAT, begin on an action-packed, drama-filled thriller under the motto “heroes aren’t born, they answer the call.”

The Empty Kingdom 2T (Netflix)

El reino vaco creators Marcelo Pieyro and Claudia Pieeiro return from Argentina with the second season. The series, starring Diego Peretti, follows Pastor Emilio Vázquez Pena, a contender for Vice President of the Republic, after learning of the tragic murder of his colleague candidate. Amid intrigues and murders, he must prepare to be the country’s new leader. This political thriller will come to a close with the fresh confrontation between the pastor and Tadeo Vázquez.

Class of ’07 (Prime Video)

What could be more terrifying than the end of the world? Living at the end of the earth while attending your high school reunion with all the people you never wanted to see again and learning that you are imprisoned there for good. That is what happens to the protagonist of this comedy, Emily Browning, who realises after an apocalyptic tidal wave that she will have to survive on her high school campus with the other girls in her class.

Only You: An Animated Shorts Collection (HBO Max)

What is a story you can only tell? That was the question that prompted a group of artists to collaborate on a collection of animated short films. Only You is a collection of eight short films developed as part of the HBO Max and Warner Bros. Discovery animation show’s premiere. From Coney Island to the Pacific Northwest, fantasy and vampires, these short stories introduce new animation styles and introduce a new generation of artists.

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Written by Sarah Joseph

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