The 10 best anime series to watch on Netflix according to users

The streaming giant owns several animation series from the Japanese country, so we have gathered the ones that have obtained the best score

The 10 best anime series to watch on Netflix according to users

Netflix has joined the world of anime by making its own original anime series for the platform, such as Kotaro lives alone, Record of Ragnarok, or Blue Period. But you can also find in its extensive catalog other recently released anime or others already considered a classic within this genre.

For this reason, we have gathered the 10 best anime series to watch on Netflix according to the criteria of SensaCine users. The order goes from lowest score to highest, so if you don’t know which anime to watch, we leave you with the list below:


One season and 10 episodes

Devilman Crybaby is a Netflix original series and follows the story of young Akira Fudo, in whom one day he learns that an ancient race of demons has returned to Earth to conquer it. In order to defeat them, he has to join them, thus becoming the demon Devilman, although he still keeps his human soul.


Two seasons and 24 episodes

Kakeguruiis another Netflix original series that is set in the famous Hyakkaou private academy, where students learn how to place bets. The story revolves around Yumeko, a new student who arrives at the academy to revolutionize it with her ecstasy and risk when gambling, since not only money is bet, but also life.


One season and eight episodes

Blood of Zeus revolves around a young man who discovers that he is an illegitimate son of Zeus, the Greek god. With all this in mind, he must fight various enemies who are trying to end his life and a spiteful goddess named Hera who will do her best to kill him.


One season and 26 episodes

One of the anime classics, Cowboy Bebop is set in the year 2071 where humans have been able to travel throughout space and settle on other planets. However, this creates a great deal of chaos leaving the way open for all kinds of criminals. This is how the crew of the Bebop ship is born, some bounty hunters.


One season and 26 episodes

Considered one of the best anime, Neon Evangelion Genesis is set in a future where the Earth has been almost destroyed by mysterious beings called angels. Years after this event, humanity has created the NERV organization that builds Evangelions, huge robots piloted by teenagers with the sole task of stopping the angels.


Seven seasons and 328 episodes

Fairy Tail is one of the longest anime in recent years. The story revolves around Natsu, a boy who travels with his friend Happy in search of the dragon Igneel after it disappeared. On his way he meets Lucy, who has the power to summon the signs of the zodiac, among other creatures, with special keys. Both join the Fairy Tail guild, where a group of people with skills are dedicated to carrying out missions around the world in order to get rewards.


In five seasons and 113 episodes, My Hero Academia follows the story of Deku, a boy born without powers in a world where 80% of humanity is born with an ability. Despite everything, one day he meets All Might in person, the superhero he idolizes and the one who gives him the power of One for All. This is how he gets into the superhero academy.


Two seasons and 24 episodes

Kengan Ashura is a Netflix original series that follows the story of the gladiator Tokita Ohma, known as Ashura, whose mission is to participate in several fights for the businessman Nogi Hideki, who is making several agreements that depend on the outcome of the big fights. Ashura battles.


Five seasons and 100 episodes

The Seven Deadly Sins is one of Netflix’s longest-running series in terms of its originals of this genre. The story follows Elizabeth Liones, the third princess of the Kingdom of Liones, who embarks on a quest to find the knights who call themselves the Seven Deadly Sins.


four seasons

In first place is Shingeki no Kyojin, the most acclaimed anime in recent years. The story revolves around Eren, a boy who lives inside a walled city in a world where part of humanity has disappeared due to huge titans. Everything seems to be going well, until a titan opens a hole in the wall, letting in several of them with a thirst for blood.

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