What to watch on Netflix? The new movies and series recommended for this week


Don’t know what to watch on Netflix? Here is a selection of the new movies, documentaries, and series recommended for this week.


As the “scariest Taiwanese movie in history,” it was described as Hex, after its premiere in theatres in Taiwan and raised a historic US$ 5.7 million in the process.

A box office success that was also repeated among local critics and that led Netflix to quickly acquire the rights to the film directed by Kevin Ko, to take its commitment to horror to the rest of the world.

Which combines two narrative methods widely used in this genre: the false documentary and the found footage, or found footage, to show a story that is supposedly based on a real case.

Which would have involved a family of worshipers of a sect and where a mother drags a curse that affects her little daughter, doing everything possible to stop her.

Thus, the viewer witnesses a succession of hair-raising experiences that are known from what is recorded on home videos, cell phones, and security cameras, which confront him with a chilling, well-executed and well-acted narration.

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boo bitch

After starring in the hit film To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, and its two sequels, Lana Condor returns as a troubled teen in the paranormal comedy Boo, Bitch.

The miniseries created for Netflix by Tim Schauer, Kuba Soltysiak, Erin Ehrlich and Lauren Iungerich, which in its first and only season of eight episodes makes Condor return to the halls and rooms of a high school.

Although this time he does it as Erika, a young woman who dies after being crushed by a moose. She, but she strangely, preserves her body, in addition to affecting everything related to electricity, and she decides to find an explanation for her state before she disappeared and returns to high school.

What is being specified through the agile chapters of the series, while Erika and her friend Gia learn something more about the true meaning of friendship, first love and that the most important thing is self-acceptance.

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The girl in the photo

This documentary starts like several other feature films of the true-crime subgenre that have also been released through Netflix. That’s because it begins with the lifeless body of a young woman, which a group of men found dumped by the side of a highway in Oklahoma City one night in April 1990.

It soon becomes known that her name is Tonya Hughes, a 20-year-old local nightclub dancer who lived with her husband, Clarence Hughes, and their two-year-old son, Michael.

However, when her name appeared on TV after her death, a former high school classmate in Georgia claimed that Tonya’s real name was Sharon Marshall and that the man who was supposed to be her husband was her father.

From there The girl in the photo begins to present a series of chilling revelations, each one more amazing, turning the documentary into a kind of Pandora’s box full of surprises and unexpected twists.

A tragic true story, which presents the pieces of a police puzzle, which little by little catches the viewer and does not let go until its end.

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Hello, goodbye and everything that happened

Michael Lewen, Aubrey Bendix and Galen Fletcher, the same names behind the trilogy that began with To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, are behind this adaptation of the novel by American writer Jennifer E. Smith.

A novel for young adults, or a YA novel in English, focused on the romantic decisions and conflicts of the couple formed by Clare (Talia Ryder) and Aidan (Jordan Fisher).

Two high school students weet at a Halloween costume party and soon start a relationship that Clare tries to avoid at first,since high school romances for her are only the “prologue” of the story, but ihich gets involved with Aidan’s promise that they will break before they go to college

A “breaking pact” that remains forgotten for the next 10 months, in which they face doubts and uncertainties that mark the development of this  harming, but predictable film

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African-American artist Lena Waithe has made a name for herself not only as an actress,but essentially as a producer and screenwriter. A facet in which she with Beauty adds her second script for a feature film.

The one that takes the viewer to the 80s, where Beauty (Gracie Marie Bradley) lives in a New Jersey nneighbourhoodwith her parents (Niecy Nash and Giancarlo Esposito), dreaming of a career as a singer

Something for which her mother makes her practice six hours a day, as she tells her brother Abe (Kyle Bary) when he says he never works. The only one who knows about  Beauty and Jasmine’s (AAlyseShannon) relationship

So for the protagonist, there is a keyword that she wants to be in her future: freedom. Freedom for her music and essentially to be with her partner  especially when her parents are very religious.

However, the film never gets to expose their internal conflicts and reduces them to introspective and contemplative scenes.

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stranger things

The wait has come to an end and after just over five weeks of learning about the so-called Volume 1 of the fourth season of Stranger Things, the last two episodes of its penultimate cycle debuted on Netflix

Which over an hour and 25 minutes and two hours and 20 minutes, respectively, come to close a delivery that has redoubled the fantasy and danger that have always been part of the Netflix space.

A very intense closing that, as befits, is directed and written by the Duffer Brothers, those responsible for creating one of the most successful streaming titles thanks to its fiction and nostalgia.

Here questions are answered as if Max (Sadie Sink) will manage to avoid Vecna’s curse and if Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) will recover all her power to help her friends fight this evil being.

All in a very dark and dramatic environment and where the protagonists face a series of dangers, testing their inventiveness and courage and exposing their feelings in a season finale marked by pain.

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moms club

The South Korean series directed by Ra Ha-na, original to the JTBC network, focuses on a group of mothers who must deal with the education of their children  while facing personal conflicts and even a crime

So its narration is driven by drama with a bit of suspense throughout the extensive 16 episodes that have as their starting point the day Lee Eun-Pyo (Lee Yo-wo) moves house.

This is because the new apartment in which he will live is located in the same neighbourhood as a prestigious elementary school that his sons Dong-Joo (Lee Chae Hyun) and Dong-Seok (Jung Chi-Yul) will attend.

And it is when he goes in the moving truck that he inadvertently crosses paths with four mothers who, with their green vests, watch the traffic at the entrance of the school and who later become part of his environment.

Which live in the same sector of large residential buildings where Eun-py arrives and who balance their problems with the demanding education of their children.

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The man from Toronto

Kevin Hart has gone from comedy to suspense on his way as the protagonist of different original titles for Netflix, which continues with The Man from Toronto and his combination of humour with action

A mixture that is not new for the comedian from Philadelphia and that serves as the engine for the adrenaline-fueled bet that unites him with Woody Harrelson.

Where Hart is Teddy Jackson, an entrepreneur who is focused on the promotion of different sports accessories, and Harrelson a mysterious man dressed in black who comes to do a “job” in a house located in the middle of nowhere.

Two very opposite men, cross paths after a dangerous mistake of identities, which triggers a plot marked by fights, chases and several shots.

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The Paper House: Korea

At first glance, it doesn’t seem easy to make a revamped version of a well-known title, because it has to match or exceed its predecessor’s quality. A risk that  Netflix takes  with La Casa de Papel: Corea.

Production by BH Entertainment and Zium Content for streaming, which revisits the Spanish space devised by Álex Pina which, after being acquired by the service to distribute it to the world, acquired cult status

IItsSouth Korean remake gives a more political meaning to its plot and its setting is neither more nor less than a Korean peninsula shortly, which managed to reunify economically.

Where North Korea and South Korea share the Joint Economic Zone -as the space is subtitled in English-, where the currency factory that prints money for common use for all Koreans is located, an institution that is the target of The Professor (Yoo Ji-Tae) and his gang.

This time they change the Dalí masks for the traditional Hahoe ones and their narration gives greater prominence to the suspense over action, making Money Heist: Korea an interesting reinterpretation of the Spanish series.

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The Umbrella Academy

The wait has been long, but after two years the Hargreeves brothers return in the third season of  The Umbrella Academy, the series that jumped from the pages of Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá’s comics to the screen.

His return picks up the plot in 2019, the year they returned thanks to the briefcase provided by Herb (Ken Hall). However, this 2019 is not the same, as the brothers find out when they return to their mansion and discover that it is no longer the home of The Umbrella Academy.

The house is now inhabited by members of The Sparrow Academy: Marcus (Justin Cornwell), Fei (Britne Oldford), Alphonso (Jake Epstein), Sloane (Genesis Rodríguez), Christopher the cube and a different Ben.

Also, when returning to 2019, the Umbrellas caused a time paradox and unknowingly arrived with the kugelblitz, a ball of energy that hides a black hole that is absorbing reality.

New protagonists and dangers with which the series returns with its effective mix of action, feelings, fantasy and comedy, leaving its patient fans satisfied and adding another entertaining season to one of the best Netflix titles.

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man vs man bee

Although  Rowan Atkinson‘s career includes cinema, theatre and other TV series, the public will always recognize him for his role as Mr Bean, the silent character who briefly revives in  Man vs. bee.

The latest acting bet of the British where he puts into practice his particular style of comedy, where physical humour and the ability to use his face, more than his voice, to get smiles are key.

For what was once catalogued as “the man with the rubber face”, a style that is located within the visual comedy and takes each of the nine episodes of the Netflix series.

Those who bet on a  brief extension, from 10 to 19 minutes, and the ability of its protagonist to sustain a plot that bets on simplicity with the unusual battle between a man and a bee.

Thus, the viewer is witness to an agile and incredible story,  due to the disaster caused by its protagonist, who manages to generate smiles, but does not reach the genius of a comedy classic like Mr Bean

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God’s anger

Among the Latin American countries that supply Netflix with titles, Argentina has a prominent place thanks to series, documentaries and films, such as The KingdomThe Photographer and the Postman and Granizo, now adding The Wrath of God.

The thriller written and directed by Sebastián Schindel is based on the novel The slow death of Luciana B., by Guillermo Martínez, and set in Buenos Aires, with the novelist Kloster ( Diego Peretti ) as one of its axes.

The one who in the first minutes of the intense feature film meets a woman, after the release of his latest book. The same with which the writer is seen when the narration travels 12 years into the past.

When she, Luciana (Macarena Achaga), was transcribing the drafts of her novels until he tried to kiss her. What made her leave her job and sue him legally, at the beginning of a nightmare for the protagonists.

With Kloster facing the deaths of his wife and daughter, and Luciana, as she reveals to the journalist Esteban Rey (Juan Minujín), losing almost her entire family. A tragedy of which she accuses the mysterious writer.

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The Spider’s Head

After coming to Netflix as executive producer of Interceptor -the action film with his wife Elsa Pataky-, Chris Hemsworth returned to the platform with The Head of the Spider.

The thriller where the Australian actor repeats his role as producer, but also reserves the role of the protagonist of an interesting plot that is inspired by the story Escape from Spiderhead, by George Saunders.

A narrative that takes place shortly, when Steve Abnesti (Hemsworth) arrives at the Spider’s Head prison, where he leads tests on prisoners who changed their sentences to be guinea pigs.

Wbnesti tries drugs that can transform his behaviour, and even his feelings, as with Jeff (Miles Teller), who was sentenced to prison for causing a deadly accident.

But the testing of Darkenfloxx, which makes you feel a deep fear, unleashes the conflict in the film path marked by suspense, irony and fiction, and Hemsworth’s outstanding performance as the sociopathic Abnesti.

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At only 26 years old, the Catalan Àlex Monner is one of the most active figures in Spanish cinema and TV, which in recent years alone has added a dozen titles, including the adrenaline-pumping Centauro.

One of the latest Hispanic bets in the Netflix action movie catalogue, where he puts himself under the direction of his countryman Daniel Calparsoro ( Until heaven ) to embody another young man from Barcelona: Rafa.

The protagonist of the remake of the French film Burns out -which can also be seen on the platform-, moves between motorcycling and the dark world of drug trafficking, amid an adrenaline-pumping plot.

The one that has its starting point is when Rafa discovers that his ex-partner and mother of his son, Natalia (Begoña Vargas), still owes thousands of euros to the dangerous Colombian drug trafficker Carlos (Édgar Vittorino).

A debt that forces Rafa to become a “mule” for Carlos, transporting drugs between Barcelona and Marseille. In the departure of a film that focuses on action and danger, with plenty of suspense.

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Be docile: pray and obey

“Wives are subject to their husbands as to the lord. Ephesians 5:22”, is the eloquent phrase that appears when the documentary series Be Docile: Pray and Obey begins, which exposes a lot of what will be seen on the screen throughout the four chapters, an average of almost 50 minutes of duration, that compose it.

The one directed by Rachel Dretzin and through archive images, interviews and recreations revive the dark history that began to take shape in the 90s within the so-called Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of the Saints of the Last Days, a distant branch of Mormonism.

When at his headquarters in Salt Lake City, Rulon Jeffs was the spiritual leader of the group. The prophet known as Uncle Rulon kept his devotees cohesive and faithful to the belief that a man who had many wives would rise higher in heaven by practising polygamy or “plural marriage.”

Which had led Rulon himself to have dozens of wives, while he decided who the young women of the congregation married. But the prophet, who everyone believed would not die and would only be renewed, passed away.

A death that worsened the situation of the community, since when one of his sons named Warren assumed leadership, things changed almost immediately. He not only made the faithful move to the town of Short Creek -since the Apocalypse was coming-, but he also began to marry adolescents as young as 14 years old.

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God’s Favorite Idiot

Although he has shown his dramatic talent in films like Can you forgive me? Melissa McCarthy is a symbol of American comedy. A genre she revisits in God’s Favorite Idiot.

Where she leaves the movies aside, returning to the series in the company of her husband in real life, Ben Falcone, who co-stars in the Netflix space as Clark Thompson, the employee of a technical support company.

Who becomes part of the eternal struggle between heaven and hell after being struck by lightning. An unusual event for a clear day that makes his body glow, as his co-worker Emily (McCarthy) notices.

To which is then added the visit of the angel Chamuel (Yanic Truesdale), who tells him that God chose him to help the world and stop Lucifer in his attempt to regain the heavenly throne, due to the simplicity and sweetness he possesses.

At the heart of a comedy-driven plot that makes God’s Favorite Idiot entertaining and easy to watch, one that draws its strength from Falcone’s charm and how it tempers the toughness of McCarthy’s character.

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Although she had been an actress for more than two decades, it was thanks to La Casa de Papel and her role as Raquel Murillo, alias Lisboa, that Itziar Ituño gained worldwide fame. The one that she comes to reinforce with her role in Intimacy, a Spanish Netflix series, where her character moves along the fine line that separates public and private, especially when she is a woman.

What he faces is Malen Zubiri, a lawyer and politician who is running for mayor of Bilbao. But the revelation of a sex video with her as the protagonist comes to change everything.

Although she is not the only one in the city to be the subject of a serious violation of privacy, it marks a before and after in her life.

Also that of Ane Uribe (Verónica Echegui), a young woman who committed suicide, a decision that would have been caused by images of a sexual nature in which she appeared and that were spread among her co-workers.

Cases with which the series addresses issues such as the violation of privacy and machismo soberly and accurately.

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Pollonejo and the Hamster of Darkness

Although his resume includes creating greeting and greeting cards, American Chris Grine is currently best known as an illustrator and writer of children’s and teen books, including the graphic novels Time Shifters and Secrets of Camp Whatever.

Without forgetting the series with the adventures of Chickenhare, the unique character that mixes chicken and rabbit who in 2006 was featured as the protagonist of the graphic volume The house of Klaus, published by the publisher Dark Horse Comics. The same one who stars in his successful movie for Netflix.

The one that shows its unusual protagonist in an adventure that begins when the brother’s Peter and Lapin almost find an ancient figure.

Something that did not happen, but it did make Peter discover an unusual little boy, a mixture of chicken and rabbit, whom he would adopt and baptize Chickenhare. The same as 20 years later, when his father is already sovereign of the Kingdom of Featherbeard, he tries to be part of the Royal Society of Explorers, but without success.

Given this, he decides to prove that he can still be an explorer and find the mythical artefact that his uncle and father did not find decades ago: the Hamster of Darkness. Which leads him on an adventure in the company of his butler, the tortoise Abe, and the brave little skunk Meg, with Lapin as his antagonist.

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the first death

Netflix’s range of youth series continues to grow with  The First Death, a space created by Felicia D. Henderson based on a story by the novelist VE Schwab -which originally appeared in the anthology book Vampires Never Get Old-, which comes to streaming with forbidden love.

The one that is known throughout eight episodes that have as their axis the idyll that is born between two girls that seem normal, but they are not so much since one is a vampire and the other is a monster hunter.

The attraction that one feels for the other becomes deeper and deeper, altering their lives and awakening the alert in their respective families, which soon declare themselves in a deadly “war”.

Combining drama with paranormal danger, and plenty of suspense, it tackles horror – with some nods to southern gothic horror – and LGBTQ+ themes with a lot of blood and danger, though it’s a bit weak on the dramatic side.

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Peaky Blinders

In September 2013 Peaky Blinders debuted in the UK on BBC Two and began to write an important page of on-screen crime drama thanks to its unique story.

The one that almost a decade later adds its last paragraphs on a planetary level, with the premiere of the sixth and final season of the series created by Steven Knight.

One that captivated millions of viewers with its period story centred on the gang led by Thomas Shelby, a character played by Cillian Murphy who became a recent cable and streaming benchmark in the company of the rest of the family with Irish and Roma blood. based in Birmingham.

A group of well-dressed men with razor-sharp berets, return in the unmissable final cycle when it is 1933 and it is proven that Tommy did not succeed in committing suicide. However, things take a turn for the worse for the Shelby leader when he receives a deadly shipment.

With different enemies closer than ever, a taciturn Tommy continues as the great antihero of an incomparable series, which ends with a season in which the drama outshines the crime.

Where again the performances of its cast are key -especially Murphy’s-, it’s finished and stylish staging, and the anachronistic songs that accompany the Shelby clan’s last hours on screen.

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Although he has 37 nominations for the Razzie, which rewards the worst in cinema, Adam Sandler has proven to be a very good actor in acclaimed films such as Diamonds in the Rough.

Something that he ratifies in the recommendable Claw, a film that mixes comedy, drama and basketball, and where the actor plays Stanley Sugerman, a talent scout for the Philadelphia 76ers team who travels from country to country in search of the next basketball star.

This is how he arrives in Mallorca, Spain, where he discovers Bo Cruz (the Spanish player Juancho Hernangomez ), whom he convinces to travel to Philadelphia and try out to be part of the NBA, leaving behind his mother and little daughter.

Place in which Stanley puts him under a tough preparation, which also serves as a coach for him, facing various obstacles together.

With the appearance of various figures from the present and past of the NBA, it will delight basketball lovers. And those who are not will enjoy the entertaining story, marked by the pace of the game and the endearing relationship between Sugerman and his protégé.

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a perfect mother

Like many other colleagues, Nina Darnton left her work as a journalist to become a writer, achieving popularity with her second novel. The same one that came to Netflix turned into the series A Perfect Mother.

A co-production between France, Germany and Belgium that maintains the original name of the American author’s book, The Perfect Mother, which was published in Spanish under the name of Midnight Call.

A thriller that is now on screen offers four intense episodes, where the protagonist is no longer called Jennifer, as in the book, but Hélène (Julie Gayet), and lives in Berlin with her husband and son

But one morning his cell phone rings and he receives a call from his daughter Anya (Eden Ducourant), who studies in Paris and after a night of fun became the main suspect in a murder.

Given this, Hélène immediately travels to her hometown and contacts her ex-boyfriend, Vincent Duc (Tomer Sisley), as a lawyer. At the same time, details begin to appear that make her doubt what her daughter is saying.

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With her role as determined cop Elena Neves in the Fast & Furious series, it was clear that Elsa Pataky could take on action-driven roles. A genre to which she fully returns in the Interceptor tape.

Where the Spanish actress plays the army captain JJ Collins, who after being removed from her job at the Pentagon is reassigned to a nuclear missile interception base in the Pacific Ocean.

Which receives the name of SBX-1 and had already been a job destination for Collins. But minutes after their arrival, the emergency begins, when they learn of the attack on the other missile defence complex in Alaska.

To which is added the theft of 16 Russian missiles that a terrorist group threatens to fire on the same number of American cities and that the SBX-1 base is attacked from within by an armed group.

The beginning of a film is marked by the resolution and skill in hand-to-hand combat of its protagonist, who takes time to talk about abuse of power and harassment and makes Pataky a true heroine of the genre.

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two summers

Much of Netflix‘s mystery catalogue has been nurtured by series from Europe, including Belgian productions such as The Path of Night. A disturbing list to which Dos Veranos has been added today.

The production was made in Belgium and divides its story into two timelines, which have as settings a Belgian corner and an island in the south of France in the summer of 1992 and 2022, respectively.

The last year that the technological entrepreneur Romée (An Miller) and her husband Peter (Tom Vermeir) invite their lifelong friends to a summer meeting on the island that they rented thanks to their contacts.

But the hours of fun are interrupted when Peter tells Stef that he received a message on his cell phone that includes images of what happened when they vacationed 30 years ago. A fact they assumed buried in the past.

When an unconscious Sofie (Louise Bergez) was raped by her friends. In the shocking beginning of a story that travels from the present to the past, its protagonists move between drama and suspense.

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our blue horizon

Jeju Island, located in the Korea Strait, has been the setting for scenes in well-known k-dramas, such as Boys Are Better Than Flowers. But in Our Blue Horizon, it is an essential part of its plot.

The space created by Noh Hee-Kyung and produced by Studio Dragon focuses on the dramas that a group of its inhabitants and friends live day by day, also revealing the daily life in which they unfold.

Thus, its first three broadcasts focus on Jung Eun-hui (Lee Jung-Eun) and Choi Han-Su (Cha Seung-won), former high school classmates and friends who meet again in Jeju after several years without seeing each other.

But it is a choral series, so while it develops this story it also shows those who will later take centre stage in its narration. Among them Jeong-jun (Kim Woo-bin) and Dong-Seok (Lee Byung-hun).

To which is added a conflictive teenage pregnancy and the bittersweet experiences of those who surround the main characters in their daily lives. In a captivating bet that moves between the everyday and good melodrama.

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Every week Netflix adds to its vast catalogue of titles from South Korea that cover different genres and themes.

As is the case with Mañana, a space from Studio N and Super Moon Pictures that is inspired by a popular webtoon to show a story that respectfully addresses a subject as complex as suicide.

One where Choi Joon-wrong (the actor and idol group SF9), a young man looking for his first job, ends up working in the Other World, in the Risk Management department that is dedicated to preventing the death by suicide of the living.

Risky and attractive bet that manages to attract and move thanks to a respectful and well-articulated narration, in addition to the good performances of its cast.

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Located in the southwest of Madrid, the  Entrevías neighbourhood has housed the city’s workers since the 1950s, and from the beginning of this year, it became the setting for the homonymous series created by David Bermejo.

The scriptwriter behind titles like  Paco’s men who decided to set his television fiction on marginality and violence in this sector of Puente de Vallecas. Something is not well seen by his neighbours, but by the public.

This is because shortly after its premiere on Telecinco in February 2022, the eight-episode space became one of the most watched on Spanish TV.

An audience success that was repeated after its arrival on Netflix, where it managed to seduce with the harsh story of a strong-willed ex-soldier and ironmonger, who decides to do justice with his own hands.

The antihero of a well-crafted story and performance that catch the public thanks to its agile and attractive plot.

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A perfect pairing

The combination of romance with wines or vineyards has its place assured in the film world, which is why films like A Perfect Pairing appear from time to time, the film where Victoria Justice is Lola Alvarez.

The saleswoman for the Mythos wine importer decides to get the distribution of Hazel Vaughn’s Australian wines. However, a co-worker comes forward and presents the same account as her project.

Before which the executive decides to give up Mythos and start her importer, for which she travels to Australia and visits Hazel on her family’s sheep farm. However, the wine businesswoman refuses to change distributors.

But to show her effort and perseverance, Lola decides to offer herself as the new sheepdog of the place. A job where she will be guided by Max (Adam Demos), the head of the farm who will teach her how to fix fences and take care of sheep.

At the same time that the protagonist gains the friendship of her co-workers and begins to conquer the heart of the mysterious Max. At the heart of a romantic comedy, she can be as predictable as she is captivating.

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Who killed Sarah?

After two successful seasons and becoming a worldwide Netflix phenomenon, the series Who Killed Sara? puts an end to its passage through the screen with a third and concluding cycle with the scent of a classic Mexican soap opera.

Which, under the pen of the Chilean screenwriter José Ignacio “Chascas” Valenzuela, picks up the story when Marifer fights for her life and Nicandro gets in touch with her father, the psychiatrist Reinaldo Gómez de la Cortina (Jean Reno).

The new villain behind Medusa, the mental institution where Sara had a child 18 years ago, after not dying in the accident. Something that Alex and Elisa discover in the first broadcast opens more questions.

Among which is the fundamental question of whether Sara is alive or not, and what was the real role of Dr Gómez de la Cortina two decades ago, when he also launched an unusual experiment.

A character who is the axis of seven chapters that makes everything seen before decant in a renewed plot. In a narrative option that at times seems somewhat forced and loses its way when playing with many time jumps.

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dangerous instinct

After a blurry personal and professional stage, Mel Gibson returned to acting in both leading and supporting roles. One last section to which titles such as Dangerous Instinct belong.

The film shows the actor and director as a character who, although not the main character, plays a key role in the plot: Dr Alderwood, a psychiatrist who treats Dylan “D” Forrester ( Scott Eastwood ), a former soldier and convicted.

At the beginning of the narrative spends his days in an apartment from which he leaves only to look for the mail. But his CIA-monitored internment ends when he receives news that his brother Sean has died suddenly.

Before D travels to the island where Sean lived in recent years, a place that had served as a military compound. But the group of mercenaries headed by Cole (Kevin Durand), an old acquaintance of the protagonist, also arrives.

A character as dangerous as Forrester, who is looking for something that would be hidden under the surface of the island and becomes the antagonist of a film that manages to capture the attention of fans of suspense and action.

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cyber hell

This shocking documentary, subtitled The investigation that uncovered the horror, shows the incredible details surrounding the criminal network of online sexual exploitation that operated between 2018 and 2020 in South Korea.

A case that took South Korean public opinion by storm and that documentary filmmaker Choi Jin-Seong exposes through a revealing and at times alarming narration that lasts almost two hours.

The one that in its initial seconds warns that it contains recreations of disturbing images related to adolescents and that the names of the victims have been changed to protect their identity.

What follows is the reconstruction of how one of the managers of the network contacted girls through Twitter and forced them to install Telegram on their phones, if they wanted to avoid revealing compromising photos.

At the beginning of a story that shows how, thanks to journalists and policemen, he came up with the identity of the room administrators known as Baksá and GodGod, who forced their victims to carry out grotesque missions.

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The Lincoln Lawyer

Since 2005, seven novels are responsible for recording the personal and work biography of  Mickey Haller, the defence attorney created by Michael Connelly who now comes to streaming through  The Lincoln Lawyer, a Netflix series that transforms  The Verdict  (2008) into a 10-chapter story.

A crime-tinged legal drama created for the screen by series veteran  David E. Kelley  ( Chicago Hope,  Big Little Lies ) and developed by Ted Humphrey ( The Good Wife ), set in Los Angeles.

The American city in which the Mexican Manuel Garcia-Rulfo offers the version of the lawyer created by Connelly, who returns to professional life after a surfing accident that put him on the verge of death.

This is because after the respected California lawyer, Jerry Vincent, is murdered in a parking lot, a judge tells the protagonist that his colleague left him his law firm and his cases as an inheritance.

A  calm look with the flavour of a character from a TV police series from a few years ago, which despite becoming somewhat slow and repetitive at times, does not lose its classic legal drama charm.

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the year of my graduation

Just as Josie Geller was able to rewrite her senior year of school in the comedy  Never Kissed, Stephanie Conway is also presented with the chance to go back to high school in the new Netflix film.

Of course for different reasons, because in the film directed by Alex Hardcastle, the character embodied in her maturity by the Australian comedian Rebel Wilson receives a blow to the head in her teens that leaves her in a coma for 20 years.

But at 37 she wakes up and Stephanie decides to pick up her life precisely where she left off with Martha’s help she returns to high school to finish her senior year. A renewed world in which the protagonist will learn to move, while she tries to realize her old dream of becoming the prom queen.

In the narrative axis of almost two hours of a story that bets on two-sided humour -both sweet and sharp- and also on the nostalgia that pop songs or references can generate in those already in their thirties.

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42 days in the dark

The first Chilean Netflix series brings to the screen one of the police cases that has attracted the most interest in recent years: the murder of Viviana Haeger, the accountant who disappeared from her home in the southern city of Puerto Rico on June 29, 2010. Varas, where she lived with her husband and two daughters.

A disappearance took a chilling turn 42 days later when the woman’s body was found in the attic of the same property, which the police inspected several times.

A crime that is still haunted by several questions and that inspires the six episodes of the series, directed by Gaspar Antillo ( Nobody Knows I’m Here ) and Claudia Huaiquimilla ( Bad Board ), a director who also wrote the script with Rodrigo Fluxá, author of the book with the research that served as the basis for the space.

With a cast that includes names like Aline Küppenheim, Daniel Alcaíno, Claudia Di Girolamo, Gloria Münchmeyer and Pablo Macaya, it bets on a leisurely story that moves between police suspense and family drama, reliving the mystery in an interesting way for fans. case with many loose ends.

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The weapon of deception

World War II is the inspiration for the new film by John Madden, the filmmaker behind Shakespeare in Love and Alone Against the Power.

Of course, his bet is set far from the battlefield, specifically in the streets and a London subway, by reviving a key passage for the development of the last years of the struggle that rocked Europe in the 30s and 40s.

When a group of British Intelligence men took on the mission of giving life to one of the greatest hoaxes in war history, making the Nazis assume that the Allies’ plans for the invasion of Sicily were different.

With a story anchored in suspense and espionage,  without forgetting some quotas of humour, it presents an agile and entertaining narration, where the high level of its cast is also appreciated, in which the solidity of Colin Firth stands out, here very well accompanied by  Matthew Macfadyen, Penelope and Kelly Macdonald.

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the sound of magic

Every month Netflix expands its South Korean catalogue with titles from different South Korean production companies and channels. But without a doubt, his original k-dramas have stood out the most, from Kingdom to The Sound of Magic.

The latest production made for the platform in East Asia is based on the webtoon, or digital comic, Annarasumanara, a creation by Ha Il-Kwon that inspires six chapters that also have a unique ingredient: songs.

This is because The Sound of Magic is also a musical, where the characters reveal their experiences to the rhythm of their themes and choreographies.

In which the story of Yoon Ah-Yi (Choi Sung-Eun) is known, a shy girl who must work part-time to support herself and her little sister, and who is an abandoned amusement park meets the magician Ri-Eul ( Ji Chang-Wook), who will become his protector and teacher.

The dramatic centre of a story is accompanied by a subplot that is moved by suspense. What makes the unique series, for covering so many genres, becomes complex, subtracting rhythm and charm from its plot.

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incompatible 2

For the new generations, the name of the Frenchman Omar Sy immediately connects with Lupine, the successful Netflix series. However, his resume has a long list of movies, which today adds Incompatibles 2.

The one that debuts almost a decade after the premiere of the original film and where he replicates the role of Ousmane Diakité. The policeman who in 2012 had to work alongside François Monge (Laurent Lafitte), a captain in the criminal division.

At the beginning of a tape that united the opposite agents, as well as humour with the police genre. The same combination is revisited in the sequel in which a murderer in a train station reconnects with the police.

Thus, Ousmane and François must forget their differences and start an investigation that takes them to the French Alps, where they will live a dangerous adventure marked by drugs and a group of white supremacists.

In a 2.0 version of the original film, where the humour and action are doubled, and the chemistry between Sy and Lafitte is repeated, making Incompatibles 2 a good example of how a sequel can be better than the film that preceded it.

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let yourself go

Although her dream was to be a playwright and she had written for television series, the American Sofia Alvarez achieved notoriety by transforming a novel into a film. Something that she puts into practice with Let yourself go.

His third young adult book adaptation, following his screen versions of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and PS I Still Love You, which brings Sarah Dessen’s novel of the same name to the screen.

In a simple feature film, but one that connects with its target audience, with which Alvarez also tries his hand at directing, showing the story of the young Auden (Emma Pasarow), who obtained a university scholarship.

But before beginning her higher studies, she accepts her father’s invitation to spend the summer with him and his new family in the town of Colby. The coastal town where the protagonist meets Eli (Belmont Cameli).

A boy who, like her, can’t sleep either and becomes her ally to do the things she didn’t do as a child. At the beginning of the relationship, she guides Let yourself go, the friendly audiovisual journey marked by the warmth of summer.

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The Marilyn Monroe Mystery

The well-remembered Hollywood diva is revived in the documentary The Mystery of Marilyn Monroe: The Unpublished Tapes, which has as its story the hours of conversation that journalist Anthony Summers collected in the 1980s, interviewing different people related to her.

The reporter conducted more than 650 interviews with the artist’s friends and colleagues in search of the truth about what would have triggered her disappearance in August 1962 and declared suicide due to an overdose of sleeping pills.

And although the title of the documentary leads one to think that the essence would be recordings of the actress, these interviews are its backbone, which is brought to life on screen with actors mimicking the original voices.

Among them interviewed was Al Rosen, who was the representative of figures like Clark Gable and directors like John Huston and Billy Wilder, who directed her in The Seventh Year Itch.

Thus, a succession of revelations is presented that, complemented with interesting archive material, manages to delineate the woman behind the star, who lived marked by a traumatic childhood and only wanted to be loved and protected.

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365 days: that day

In 2020, 365 dni ( 365 days in its Spanish title) arrived on Netlfix, a Polish film that brought to the screen the first of the books by the writer Blanka Lipińska.

It immediately positioned itself as the most watched film on the streaming platform in several countries, including the United States, a generally elusive audience for foreign productions.

In addition to its success, it was controversial due to the mixture of sex, romance and abuse of power in the story of Massimo Torricelli (Michele Morrone), the head of the Sicilian mafia, and Laura Biel (Anna Maria Sieklucka), a young executive from Warsaw who without knowing it became the mobster’s obsession.

So much so that he even sends his men to Sicily to kidnap her and then kidnap her in his mansion for 365 days or until she falls in love with him.

Complex romance that continues in its sequel365 days: that day, which picks up the plot when Laura and Massimo are about to get married and which includes more lies, secrets, new characters and renewed conflicts, as well as higher quotas of explicit sex.

In short, it offers more of the same, even though the technical and production level improves markedly.

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Kentaro’s pregnancy

Although pregnancy is culturally linked to the female gender, gestation in transgender men and transmasculine people has changed this panorama. A fact that had already been raised in fantasy by Kentaro’s pregnancy, a manga that, under the signature of the writer and illustrator Eri Sakai, makes an exchange of roles by setting its story in a world where cisgender men get pregnant.

Something that also shows the series based on the cartoon, which debuted on Netflix under the direction of Yuko Hakota and Takeo Kikuchi.

An eight-episode instalment with the story of Kentaro Hiyama (Takumi Saitoh), a publicist in his 30s who discovers that he is pregnant, facing a problem that he never imagined could happen to him and that leads him to think about having a baby. or not that child.

However, he chooses to have the baby, a decision he makes after thinking that it could be the opportunity to improve his career, which confronts him with changes and the misunderstanding of many.

With which the series reflects the prejudices that minorities or those who are different endure, in addition to the burden of being a woman and a mother, in a respectful way and with subtle and precise humour.

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heart stopper

In 2014, Alice Oseman published the novel Lonely: This Is Not a Love Story, which interested younger readers. But it would be with his Heartstopper webcomic of hers that she would completely catch them.

It also caught the attention of the production company See-Saw Films, which bought the rights to bring the cartoon to the screen. Something that would materialize when the production company associated with Netflix to turn Heartstopper into a series of eight chapters.

The same one that debuts on the platform with the story of fifteen-year-old Charlie (Joe Locke) and Nick (Kit Connor), an outstanding rugby player, both students of the Truham School for Boys, in Kent, and who begins to feel mutually attracted.

This is how his story of falling in love is shown -and also those of his friends- while they face the intolerance of some colleagues, in an adaptation that is as bright as it is respectful of the LGBTQ+ world, as well as realistic and natural, which makes it very easy to become attached to its characters and share the confusing moments they go through.

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choose or die

At a time when advanced videogames inspire great Hollywood blockbusters, Choose or Die bets on the so-called text games, which in the 80s coexisted with more graphically “elaborate” titles such as Pac-Man and Space invaders, and invited his players to write the action while interacting with the program and other participants.

One of which becomes the focus of the film directed by Toby Meakins, where he meets Kayla Edwards ( Iola Evans ), a programmer who dropped out of school and does any job to earn some money.

But maybe there is a way to earn money fast because through his friend and fellow programmer Isaac ( Asa ButterfieldSex education ) he knows of the existence of an old text game that would give a $125,000 reward to whoever beats all of them. their levels.

What she does not know is that when she starts using it, her nightmare will also start, since it is a cursed game that hides a terrifying ability behind its simple screen with a black background and green letters: altering reality through decisions that its players take.

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Anatomy of a scandal

Melissa James Gibson and David E. Kelley, two essential names in the creation of series such as House of cardsThe Americans  Ally McBeal and Big little lies, come together in the space that brings a novel by Sarah Vaughan to the screen.

The Guardian journalist turned bestselling author positioned herself with a story she called  “abuse of power, consent and rape, not to mention privilege. ”

The basis of a plot set in contemporary London, where drama and suspense converge throughout the six chapters that attract attention, but in a somewhat irregular way.

Those that show the scandal around a British politician who sees his privileges in danger when he is accused of rape, those that draw a narrative with several time jumps and something uneven, that has its best moments in the present, when the lie seems to be defeated.

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Le Chiffre from Casino Royale, Lucas from The Hunt, Kaecilius from Doctor Strange and Martin from Another Round, are some of the roles for which Mads Mikkelsen has stood out as an actor. isIn2020 he added the applauded role of Markus in Justicieros, where the Danish actor was once again directed by his compatriot Anders Thomas Jensen.

After being released in theatres this black comedy came to Netflix that mixes with other genres, such as drama and action and shows the story of a soldier (Mikkelsen) who loses his wife in a train accident which takes his life of her and other passengers.

But Markus is convinced that the fateful event was not accidental, but rather an attempt to eliminate a passenger who was going to testify against the leader of a gang, Los Justicieros.

Something in which three particular men support him and with whom he decides he seeks the truth and also revenge, in the unusual association that guides a story where the drama of loss and trauma are combined in an unusual but precise way, with alack humour that surprise and stir

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Between life and death

Her career includes the role of Gypsy from the series The Act and Ramona from the film Ramona and Beezus  but Joey King will always be remembered as the vivacious Elle from Netflix s The Kissing Booth 

Service to which he returned with this film where he must confront the most dramatic face of love  Because under the direction of Arie Posin she becomes Tessa, a young photography lover who must unexpectedly come to terms with the death of her boyfriend  Skylar (Kyle Allen), in an accident they suffer together.

However, something else is revealed in the opening minutes: Tessa’s spirit leaves her body for seconds and she spots an illuminated figure of Skylar, who then disappears into thin air.

An aspect, the paranormal, that becomes constant -and that makes him closely related to Ghost, the shadow of love-, and that along with the flashbacks marks the development of a narrative where young people suffer for love but in a less melodramatic way. Because although at times Entre la Vida Muerte falls into the predictable and cloying, most of its footage develops a seductive story anchored in romance, which has good rhythm and beautiful photography

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Metal Lords

Coming-of-age is the English term used to define the works, both literature and cinema, focused on the transition to adulthood of its protagonist. Which becomes the axis of this new film.

The one that debuts through Netflix is endorsed by well-known names in the entertainment industry since it is directed by Peter Sollett  director of Nick & Norah: A Night of Music and Love  and its screenwriter is DB Weiss  the same as the famous game of thrones series,

Together shows a story that has heavy metal as a co-star in the genre with the most faithful fans of the musical universe, including Hunter (Adrian Greensmith), a teenager who made music his refuge after his mother abandoned them. him and his father.

At the same time that his friendship with the shy Kevin (Jaeden Martell) was born, his partner in SkullFucker, the “post-death metal” group they form and for which they are looking for a bass player.

This is how the dramatic conflict of the film begins, which has themes from groups such as Black Sabbath and Metallica, references to metal and the cameo of their figures. What it does not manage to hide is that the film wastes the opportunity to delve into the challenges of its attractive characters.

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Always in the best Momento

A couple of years have passed since the Netflix audience met the young Marta ( Ludovica Francesconi ) and her story about illness and desire to live and love, which concludes with the third of the trilogy‘s films.

The one that began with In the best moment, the feature film where it was known that Marta had been orphaned at the age of three and inherited a congenital disease, cystic fibrosis, which causes her lungs to accumulate mucus and this affects her breathing.

But her illness does not prevent the girl, who works in a supermarket and does not respond to the canons of classic beauty, from knowing love with Gabriele (Giancarlo compared, the artist she fell in love with in the second film and separated when he got a job in Paris. Who at the end of said tape drives desperately to Turin to be in Marta’s lung transplant surgery.

The same moment with which the story of the last film about the cheerful Italian girl begins, in a somewhat weak closing for the story that conquered several with the luminous initial adventure of its heroine, to decide on a correct sequel and a third somewhat forced tape.

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The bubble

The pandemic changed Hollywood and its filming, as reflected in the 40,000 Covid tests and Uthe S $ 8 million in the hygienic protocol that was used for the filming of The Jurassic World Dominion

A fact that is the direct inspiration for The Bubble the feature film with which Judd Apatow one of the symbols of American comedy, thanks to titles like Virgin at 40 and Slightly Pregnant fully returns to the genre.

On his return, he brings to the cinema within the cinema, a story focused on the making of a film, the sixth part of the blockbuster dinosaur saga Cliff beasts (Risco-besties, which will have Darren EEigen (Fred Armisen ) and will start production in the next few days in a British studio.

But the pandemic and its restrictions make things complex for the production, which has  Karen Gillan, David Duchovny and Pedro Pascal in its cast among other stars.

Although the film has a great initial appeal, it declines due to the length of its footage. However, the two hours of its narration do contain good jokes and several criticisms of the industry as well as cameos by figures from the cinema and music, which manage to make the film an entertaining alternative to watch on the weekend.

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Better Call Saul

Although a large part of the good series on Netflix is his original productions from the streaming network, there are several “outside” titles, such as Breaking Bad, Rick & Morty r Peaky Blinders, that fill the catalogue

In this special, we choose the 70 best jewels and we order them in this ranking.

What do you think?

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