Netflix: Shadow and Bone, the new series based on a fantasy literary saga

Shadow and Bone presents a medieval England like you’ve never seen in the new Netflix fantasy series.

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Netflix is preparing the premiere of one more adaptation to a fantasy literary saga, this time the series of novels by Leigh Bardugo starting with Sombra y Hueso that will arrive on April 23 in the Latin American catalog of the platform.


Based on the Grisha Trilogy and Duology Six of Crows, the series of Shadow and Bone tells two stories in the same timeline, the first following Alina Starkov, played by Jessie Mei Li, an orphan and plotter who suddenly becomes the chosen savior of the world.



This will embark her on a dangerous journey through the ‘fold of shadow’, a massive and unearthly wall of darkness that divides the continent and is inhabited by bloodthirsty beasts.

In this way Sombra y Hueso adapts in the series the first entry in the Grisha de Bardugo trilogy that fans of the saga and those of the genre await with interest on Netflix where more and more series that bet on the genre are seen.

Netflix: Second season of Shadow and Bone?

As we previously informed you and despite the fact that the first chapters have not yet been released, rumors are already circulating strongly that the streaming platform will request a second season of Sombra y Hueso .


And this expectation is not far-fetched considering that the fantasy saga is composed of several books whose stories fans hope to see adapted to the screen after the arrival of the series on Netflix .



At the moment there is nothing concrete yet and as in all cases a potential second season depends on how well the premiere of Sombra y Hueso does , the new series that will surely be to the liking of fans of adaptations such as The Witcher or El Lord of the Rings.

Thus, there is very little left for the premiere of Sombra y Hueso on Netflix on April 23. In La Verdad News we recommend giving it a try and follow closely the premiere of this adaptation of the series of fantasy books to bring you the latest.

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